Jio Phone Next at just Rs. 1,999 | Most Affordable smartphone

Reliance Industries and Google have teamed up to introduce the world’s most affordable phone as a Diwali gift. The Jio Phone Next has the necessary main functions available in a smartphone at affordable prices. For Indians who are starting to enter the digital world, the Jio Phone Next are the small steps. It has been one of the most commented devices for its prices. You can have all the necessary information about the Jio Phone Next in one place.

The smartphone has become a sensation for its prices. The Jio Phone Next has all the features for the beginning of the digitization of less developed countries. Meets people’s needs at reasonable prices. Read the article to the end.

Next Jio phone price in India | Buy this smartphone at an incredible price

Next Jio phone price

All the features mentioned above can be available to you for as low as Rs. 6,499. This smartphone will provide you with all the necessary functions at affordable prices. The phone can even be brought with EMI options that would cost you even less. Read the full article to find out that too. The manufacturers have taken into account the budget of the people before making the phone. You don’t have to spend fortunes to owe this smartphone.

Jio Phone Next at Just Rs. 1999!

Although the retail price of the phone is Rs. 6,499, you can buy it even at low prices. The Jio Next Phone at Just Rs. 1999 can be a Diwali gift for your loved ones. Pricing will start at Rs. 1,999 with monthly installment plans for 18 and 24 months. Plans range from Rs. 300 to Rs. 600 per month with Rs. 501 processing fee on each plan. These payment plans also include data and calling services from Jio.

EMI options

The financing options available on the Jio phone will give you the opportunity to choose from several options. The company has launched some EMI options with added benefits that buyers can opt for. The phone will come with four EMI options, the always-on plan, the large plan, the XL plan, and the XXL plan. However, the first installment will be the same for each, that is, Rs. 1,999.

Next Jio Phone EMI Plan

EMI plans for the Jio Phone Next at just Rs. 1,999 are:

Always active plan: With the Always-on plan, you can Rs. 300 EMI for 24 months or Rs. 350 EMI for 18 months. This plan will also offer 5GB of daily data and 100 minutes to call each month.

Big plan: The big plan comes at Rs. 450 for 24 months while Rs. The 500 plan is for 18 months. It also comes with 1.5GB of daily data and unlimited calls.

XL plan: The XL plan offers 2GB of data per day along with unlimited calls. You can get this plan at Rs. 500 for 24 months and Rs. 550 for 18 months.

XXL plan: The final plan, which is the XXL plan, is worth Rs. 550 for 24 months and Rs. 600 for 18 months. It comes with the benefit of 2.5GB of data per day along with unlimited calls.

* All of these plans have Rs. Processing fee 501.

How to buy the Jio Phone Next for just Rs. 1,999

The steps to buy the Jio Phone Next for just Rs. 1,999 are:

  • Open the My Jio or app
  • Please log in with the necessary details.
  • You will see a Jio phone sales page.
  • Select the phone Jio Next.
  • Fill in the shipping details along with the selected EMI you want.
  • Make to order.

Jio Phone Next Specifications | See the full specifications of this smartphone

Jio Phone Next Specifications

The Jio Phone Next is a joint combination of Google and Reliance and therefore has some different features from standard Android phones. The phone will have its own version of Android Go called Pragati OS, the Qualcomm Snapdragon QM-215 chipset, and the front and rear camera setup. The main features of the phone are:

specs Details
screen size 5.45 inch
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon QM-215
OS Pragati operating system
Main chamber 13MP
Frontal camera 8MP
Storage 32GB (512GB expandable)
Battery 3500 mAh

Not only this, the phone will also have voice assistant and translation functions. The phone will work with Jio simulation only. You will also get social media apps like Facebook and Instagram installed on the phone beforehand. All applications from the Google Play Store that are compatible with the phone hardware can be installed. The phone will also have Jio Apps already installed.

The Jio Phone Next is a revolution in the digitization of the country. All the benefits of a smartphone will be available at the lowest cost. Take advantage of this offer right after its launch. For more coupons and deals, download the Flipshope extension.

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