JetBrains announces Fleet next-gen IDE, support for remote coding

Software development tools company Jetbrains has made two major new announcements.

The first announcement is a preview of their next-gen IDE called Fleet.

Fleet is a lightweight IDE that is designed to be out of the box without a lot of additional setup. JetBrains promises that Fleet will be “ready in a second” for simple tasks, but its entire environment, including the IntelliJ code processing engine, can be accessed “with a single click.”

Eugene Toporov, Vice President of Marketing for JetBrains, said:

“Our IntelliJ-based IDEs empower millions of developers, and JetBrains is fully committed to working hard and making them even better.

With Fleet, our goal is to offer another view on how an IDE should be organized, and we couldn’t implement it within our current product line without breaking the expectations of our existing users.

We anticipate that both the current IntelliJ-based product line and Fleet will coexist for quite some time, leaving the options open to our customers. ”

Fleet supports Java, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, Go, Rust, TypeScript, and JSON. The IDE will soon also allow developers to code in C ++, C #, HTML5, and PHP.

JetBrains claims that Fleet was built with collaboration in mind and allows developers to work on projects locally or remotely.

Fleet Collaboration

The IDE is also flexible enough to allow for a variety of remote development scenarios, including running your backend in the cloud or on a remote server, which brings us nicely to the second announcement …

JetBrains space

JetBrains has announced the public launch of Space, a solution for remote development in the cloud or any other server.

The space is available to Fleet and IntelliJ IDEA users and is intended to offer the experience of a desktop-based IDE while moving the heavy load to a remote server.

By initializing remote instances in advance, developers can immediately start coding without wasting time setting up the environment.

Kirill Skrygan, Remote Development Lead at JetBrains, commented:

“With our remote development solution, developers can now get a ready-to-use environment directly from their own repository.

Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and unified coding experience, no matter what machine you are using and where you are.

They don’t have to set up the locale and wait for their project to start, and more importantly, they are not limited by the power of their own computers. “

JetBrains intends to make Space an all-in-one platform for remote development, so it has added more add-on features covering Git hosting, CI / CD, package repositories, chats, documents, and project management.

Developers can request access to the fleet preview here.

(Image credit: Jetbrains)

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