Is the McDonald’s PS5 controller legit, or just clowning?

This week an apparent collaboration between McDonald’s and Sony PlayStation emerged in Australia. This collaboration appears to have resulted in a fancy new PlayStation 5 controller for McDonalds Australia’s 50th birthday celebration. The strange thing about this situation is not that the controller exists, but rather that it appears to exist without any promotional endorsements from McDonald’s Australia, Sony Australia, or any of the game’s streamers that are supposed to be participating in the launch.

According to Press startMcDonald’s Australia “has created 50 of these limited edition PS5 controllers.” The restaurant chain goes by the colloquial name “Maccas” in Australia. Press Start says that a number of “Maccas broadcasts” (video game streamers said to be associated with McDonald’s Australia) are participating in the launch of this controller.

We reached out to McDonalds (in both Australia and the US) to see what they have to say about the situation. Meanwhile, we can still discuss the appearance of the controller.

The driver certainly looks legit. It’s a Sony PlayStation 5 controller with custom McDonald’s accents, including stylized McDonald’s fries at the bottom left, a hamburger at the bottom right, and a white / red color scheme throughout. The Triangle, Square, Circle and X buttons are yellow with a gray / mustard yellow print; the same goes for the set of directional buttons. The buttons on the bumpers and joysticks remain black, and the touchpad in the center bears the McDonald’s logo.

The design seems executed well enough to make it a legitimate official release. If not, we have to accessorize the person or persons responsible for designing this image, it looks good enough to eat!

Stay tuned as we learn more about this bizarre situation, and don’t miss your lunch when we find out it’s all very real – or a cunning weirdness from the get-go? We will see!

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