Instagram previews make a comeback on Twitter

Nearly a decade after removing support for Instagram post previews within tweets, Twitter and Instagram finally became friends, relented, and decided to bring the feature back.

The reappearance of Twitter card previews is something people who cross-post between Instagram and Twitter will appreciate. This is great news for anyone who was irritated by Instagram’s decision to stop showing previews of tweeted content in 2012.

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At the time, it was Instagram’s association with Facebook out of a desire to maintain control of its content that was behind the decision to remove preview support, but the image- and video-based social media company appears to have seen the error of his forms and the annoyance he was causing.

The change of mind means that links to Instagram posts are now treated the same as any other link included in a tweet.

Twitter shared the good news through its official support account:

Instagram was understandably jubilant, and he almost certainly hopes his users are too:

The feature is in the process of rolling out to all platforms (iOS, Android, and web), so if the previews still aren’t working for you, wait a bit longer.

Image Credit: BigTunaOnline / Shutterstock

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