Instagram links will now show post preview on Twitter

Instagram has officially announced that users can re-view the previews of Instagram posts on Twitter. The links will automatically convert to a card as soon as you add the link to a tweet. Previously, when users posted an Instagram link in a tweet, only the URL of the link was visible on the platform. Also read: Instagram falls for many on the night before Diwali, now back

This is not a new feature as it was already available to users in 2012 but has been removed. At the time, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom said they wanted to take control of their content and have the images only be seen on Instagram. Also Read: How To Use The New ‘Add Yours’ Tag On Instagram

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Twitter and many users were naturally opposed to this move, as it made cross-posting difficult for them. Twitter has now recognized the new change and tweeted: “If you also want to share your latest Instagram post on the Twitter timeline, you’re in luck: now when you share a link to an IG post in a Tweet, it will show up as a card with a preview of the photo. “

In particular, this functionality will be implemented on Android, iOS and the web starting today.

For the unspoken, Instagram recently introduced a new “Add Yours” sticker for Stories on the platform. This sticker allows users to interact with others on the platform by creating a public thread so that anyone can reply, post or participate in it. This interactive sticker allows users to create a content chain among their friends that can be based on any theme, for example “outfit of the day”, “best sunset photo”, etc. In this way, others can also add images on the same topic to their Stories.

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