HP Inc slurps Teradici to get better at delivering remote PCs

HP Inc has acquired remote PC specialist Teradici.

Teradici’s best hack is PC-over-IP (PCoIP), software that makes PCs remotely accessible by streaming whatever is on their screens. The company’s approach means no data is moving across networks, just bitmaps.

The technology is well regarded and may signal strong endorsement as a presence behind the desktop product as a service “Workstations” from Amazon Web Services.

Although the private company has never broken down revenue, it is believed to be below $ 50 million, making it a small fish in the desktop virtualization market that has come to be dominated by companies such as Citrix and VMware. .

Now, HP Inc believes that Teradici has many advantages because it has realized that a certain pandemic has made remote working much more popular.

In the canned statement In announcing the deal, HP Inc cites data predicting compound annual growth rates of 17 percent for remote desktop software through 2028, thanks to changes in which roughly two-thirds of the workforce will work remotely for at least three days. a week.

HP Inc already sells a product called “ZCentral Remote Boost” that offers remote access to its workstations. HP’s canned statement also mentions combining that with Teradici’s products to deliver “a broader remote computing platform spanning on-premises and cloud solutions from any type of device, including macOS, public clouds, and iPad and Android tablets.” .

If HP Inc can do that, it will match VMware and Citrix in terms of potential target customers, and expects Teradici’s pixel-only approach to be as good a story as its rivals’ application publishing and security intelligence. Microsoft is another competitor, as the software giant recently announced that it will deliver Windows desktops as a service.

The deal is scheduled to close in the fourth quarter of 2021. Neither party has disclosed how much money will change hands. ®

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