How Zwarttech is Bridging the Software Talent Gap For Tech Companies – Premium Tech News and Analysis | Zimbabwe

There is an apparent shortage of senior software engineers in Africa. the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that by 2026, the engineering shortage in the US will exceed 1.2 million. Among other nations, Canada, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom find the same shortage.

This shortage of senior IT experts is unquestionably due to the steady rise in global digital consumption, which is putting further pressure on core digital exporting countries. This will continue to increase as the middle class grows in developing economies.

The question now is, how can this shortage or loophole be plugged? Well, for every challenge or problem, there is always a solution. In this case, Zwarttech, a social impact firm, has researched and established a global shortage of senior IT experts. In addition, the firm founded by Nelson Tosin Ajulo PhD has discovered an innovative remedy for this global shortage of high-level IT experts.

Zwarttech addresses this shortage by tapping into Africa’s abundant pool of talents and resources and connecting them to international job opportunities. Additionally, the social impact firm provides remote senior IT experts (technical and non-technical) and cybersecurity specialists from Africa (external staff and outsourcing).

Zwarttech innovation provides companies around the world with senior software engineers in 24 hours and in easy steps. With the Zwarttech business model, customers have options to choose the solution that best suits their needs.

A customer who has experienced Zwartech innovation is Discovelo, a Canadian company. Discovelo is a social company focused on the development of software designed to accompany traditional fitness equipment, such as exercise bikes. The software will promote emotional regulation, creativity, learning, and healing for a broad cross-section of end users, beginning with classrooms.

Scott Keesey, CEO / President of Discovelo, while sharing his experience, said that the senior software developer that Zwarttech provided has extensively helped reinforce and bridge the technology gap in the company’s software development team.

” We were looking for someone who knew the job and could fit our budget. We consider countries with low prices and quality work. Zwarttech was the best option. I approached the company and gave them our report. They gave us the best game developer we could ask for, and we’ve never looked for it. “

On the quality of work and the value that the game developer has delivered so far, Keesey said that the developer developed a multiplayer game prototype within a few weeks of joining the team, which is fantastic.

” Our tech team only had the experience of developing a single player game. But when the need for a multiplayer game arose, Zwarttech provided us with a game developer who built a multiplayer prototype in weeks. I’d say the Zwartech developer has been able to bridge the gap in our tech team and even contributed more by being engaged, responsible, communicative, and determined. Even the time difference and distance between Canada and Nigeria has never been a problem. We had no problem working with an African developer because we are a diverse and inclusive company. “

Working with a company that provides senior software developers for the first time can lead to mistrust and many concerns. On this, Keesey stated that they initially had some anxieties, but “it was a matter of luck.”

“Our concerns evaporated due to Zwarttech’s unique business model. They provided vital oversight and have taken care of all the loose ends from both the senior IT expert and the client side. So we knew we could move on with the unknown. ”

So, if your company needs highly qualified senior software engineers, look no further than Zwarttech.

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