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Google is working on a new Chrome tool, called Privacy and security review, which complements the security check function of the browser.

Safety Check, designed to check standard protections, extensions, passwords, device software, and updates, was introduced some time ago.

The privacy and security review guides users through a series of settings pages “that help the user to review various privacy settings” according to Google.

Privacy and security review

The feature landed in Chrome 94 Canary, but it is disabled by default. To enable it, load chrome: // flags / # privacy-review in the browser’s address bar and set the experimental flag to Enabled. A reboot is required before the change takes effect.

Once done, load the Chrome privacy settings page, chrome: // settings / privacyor go to Menu> Settings> Privacy and security manually. The new privacy and security review option is displayed at the top of the category.

Select “Let’s go” on the page that opens. Chrome shows a single page at the moment for “search and navigation optimization”.

google chrome improves searches

The page has a switch at the top to enable or disable the functionality, and the explanation below. Explanations may include examples, and Google lists some of the data that is shared with it when the feature is enabled.

The review ends when you click the next button.

The feature is almost certainly a work in progress. Chrome Canary is a development version, and it seems likely that new pages will be added to the tool before Google releases it in the stable version of its browser.

The option shown on the first page is related to privacy. Google’s interest is to get users to enable the function and highlights the positive effect of it: improve searches and navigation.

The downside, highlighted in “what you share with Google”, is also displayed on the page. In this particular case, Google is informed about any page you visit when using the browser.

Closing words

The privacy and security review in its current form is not useful in its current form. It remains to be seen if any new configuration options will be added to the tool before it lands on stable.

Google’s primary interest is data, and the first page layout highlights the benefit of enabling the feature rather than highlights the downside of enabling or keeping it enabled.

Ultimately, if privacy is a concern, it may be better to use a different web browser, Chromium-based or not, as many offer better default privacy protections or give you options to improve privacy.

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What is the use of the new Google Chrome privacy and security review tool?

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What is the use of the new Google Chrome privacy and security review tool?


Google is working on a new Chrome tool, called the Privacy and Security Review, that complements the browser’s security check feature.


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