How To See Your 2021 Instagram Year In Review Highlights – Techspace Africa

2021 is slowly coming to an end, which means your favorite apps will create recaps of your year, be it a collage from your gallery or a video slideshow, Meta’s 2021 Instagram Replay feature is one of them.

When Instagram launched its “Playback 2021” feature on December 9, 2021, it was called “Review of the Year.” This feature allows you to look back at your photos and videos from the past year.

The View Replay message is at the top of your feeds and can be accessed by opening the Instagram app and tapping on it. If you don’t see this message in your feed, it may be because the feature is rolling out to users in phases, so expect it to appear in your region shortly.

You can also use the 2021 sticker on other people’s Playbacks or Stories to set your own. On the other hand, this can be difficult to find.

Select View Your 2021 Replay from the drop-down menu. As a result, an animated presentation of all your Stories from the previous year will be generated. Is this really true? Yes, IG has an archive of all your past activities. (This can be disabled in Settings). If you like what you see, tap Next and share your replay.

Stories can also be added to or removed from your Stories archive before adding them to Playback, where you can then share them with your Stories. In your playback, you can also add things like text, stickers, filters, labels, or even endorsements. However, keep in mind that you can only choose ten stories from your Stories archive to play back in 2021.

As a side note, this feature will only be available for a few weeks until the end of the year. So do not expect more.

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