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Have you ever joined promotional groups that sell products or promote services without your consent? Or maybe a contact you know keeps adding to a baby shower group you don’t want to be in? WhatsApp has a feature that filters who can add you to groups

This feature is useful by preventing random people from adding you to groups.

How to prevent people from adding you to WhatsApp groups

  1. Opened WhatsApp, play the three points in the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. Click on the Settings option and then tap Bill.

  3. Click on Privacy > Groups. The default setting is likely to be set to ‘All‘.

  4. You can select from three options: ‘All’, ‘My contacts’, Y ‘My contacts except ‘.

    • The ‘Everyone’ option allows any user with your phone number to add you to a group without your permission.

      The ‘My Contact’ option only allows users to add you to groups whose numbers you have saved in your contact list.

      The last option ‘My contacts except’ allows you to choose exactly who can add you to groups by allowing you to further filter and remove the contacts you don’t want added to a group.

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