How To Choose Baby Monitor In Australia

What is a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is a device, which helps parents to monitor the activities of the babies. The early baby monitors were simple audio devices that allow mothers to listen to the baby’s voice from another room. With the advancement in technology, baby monitors get more advanced. The video cameras, remote monitoring, FHSS technology are the top features of the baby monitors. Some companies have gone far beyond these features. They are offering: night vision, temperature sensors, heart rate, and oxygen level detection capability.

Different Types of Baby Monitors

WiFi Baby Monitors

WiFi-based baby monitors require internet connectivity. The monitors can be controlled and operated with a mobile application. Some WiFi baby monitors have audio and video capabilities. You can use two-way communication technology to talk with the baby or camera to watch all the activities of your baby. Some WiFi monitors can store video footage via cloud storage, so the parents store the precious moments of the baby.

Video Baby Monitors

As the name suggests, a video baby monitor has a camera to keep an eye on the baby.
Some baby monitors have a built-in microphone and the speaker for two-way communication. Companies like Philips, BabySense, VTech, Infant Optics are providing additional features; night vision, digital zoom, temperature sensor, heart, and oxygen level detectors.

Audio-Only Baby Monitors

Normally audio-only baby monitors allow you to hear your baby. Usually, they don’t have an additional display screen to see your baby. Some audio monitor includes two-way communication, lullabies, etc. Nowadays, the baby monitor has some more advanced features; heart monitoring, temperature sensor, low battery and out of range indicator, etc.

The Best Baby Monitor Features

To ensure the safety of the baby, parents should choose a baby monitor with basic functions; a camera, microphone, sensors, etc. The baby monitor with a camera is a much better option compared to a simple audio monitor. The video monitors allow seeing the real-time footage of the baby. In video monitors, the camera lens quality is important. Read the camera specs image resolution, camera sensors, night vision functionality, etc.

Room temperature checker

The baby monitor with a built-in temperature lets the parents know if your baby’s nursery temperature is normal. Expert recommends the nursery temperature should stay between 68 to 72-degrees Fahrenheit.

Motion and sound sensors

Some baby monitor manufacturer equips the monitor with sound and motion sensors. These sensors are capable of detecting the slightest noise. The sensors at once notify the parents without worrying about how long the baby has been awake.


The range of a baby monitor is an important feature. For a small house, you should buy a monitor that covers your complete house and the garden area. A baby monitor with a long-range allows you to view the baby. When you are working in the garden or laundry area. Some of the baby monitors have a range of almost 800 to 1000 feet.

Night Vision

When the room gets dark during the night, you need a crystal-clear view of your baby. The best baby monitor camera has a night vision to see the little angel. An automatic night vision glows the room when the room gets dark in case you forgot to enable the light.

Zoom capability

Baby monitors with cameras allow parents to see the baby from a distance. Companies like Owlet, Philips has built-in zoom functionality. The zoom in and out allows you to view every corner of the nursery room.

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