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Microsoft has officially released Windows 11 and has added many new features. This is accompanied by a number of changes in the way we do things in the operating system. One of the changes (which turns out to be frustrating) is how much work is required now to make any browser other than Microsoft Edge your default browser.

This means that if you are not a big fan of Microsoft’s Edge browser and prefer to have another browser as the default, you should prepare to search the menus to change a couple of settings that can be quite complicated because while all you need is to change your Default browser in Windows just changed Edge to the browser you wanted, the new Windows 11 update requires you to change the default application for each file type.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process involved in setting up Windows 11 so that you no longer have to use Microsoft Edge as your default browser for every web-related link and app you click.

How to change your default web browser in Windows 11

First, go to the Windows 11 settings menu. Once in the Settings menu, go to the “Default applications” section. You can do this by selecting the Applications section in the Settings menu and then clicking “Default Applications”. You can even do this faster by pressing the Start key to open the Start menu, typing “default applications”, and then selecting the link to the default applications when the list of results appears.

Scroll down and select the browser you would like to set as the default

Once you get to the default apps screen, scroll down the app list until you reach the app that you would like to set as your default browser. Once you find it, click on it. The browser that we will use in this guide is the Google Chrome browser. However, you can use any browser you want as the default browser, be it Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Repeat this process for the other file extensions
Repeat this process for the other file extensions

Now scroll down until you get to the HTTPS section. Select it to change the default Microsoft Edge application to whatever browser you want to use as the default. Now, you will notice that once you select an app from the Default apps menu, a list of relevant file types will be displayed on the screen. All of these file types will have an app listed as the default to open.

The first time you click an application in the Default Applications menu, all web-related file types should have Microsft Edge set as the default. If you want to change this, simply scroll down the screen until you reach the HTTPS section and then select the icon just below (which should be Microsoft Edge) to select a new app.

A window showing that Chrome is set as the default browser in Windows 11
A window showing that Chrome is set as the default browser in Windows 11

Now, you may be presented with a pop-up asking you to check Microsoft Edge before you stop using it. If you are already sure about changing your default browser, you can select the “Change Anyway” option and ignore the warning. Now, you can select the browser you would like to have as the default, which should change the HTTPS and HTTP defaults to your preferred web browser. You can see an arrow pointing to Chrome in the “How do you want to open this?” From the image below.

Now, you can repeat this process for other file types such as .htm, .HTML, and any other web-related file types that you have saved on your PC. Now this part is the strenuous part as you have to repeat this process for each type of file that you want your preferred default browser to open, as opposed to Windows 10 where this was done automatically with a setting.

Now before continuing, you need to make sure that both HTTP and HTTPS have, in fact, changed from the Microsoft Edge browser to the browser you prefer to use as the default. If the default application for opening HTTP links did not change automatically when you changed the HTTPS settings, you will also have to do it manually.

Now, we also recommend that you change the default application to open .HTM, .HTML, .PDF, .SHTML, and .XHTML. You can ignore the last two if you want as they are not used very often anymore and as such it is highly unlikely that you will come across a web file with either of those extensions. However, if you change the settings, you are guaranteed that your preferred browser will open in case you ever click on it.

And that’s pretty much it! With these few easy steps, you can also change the default applications for other types of files on your Windows 11. These can be videos, music, or even photo files.

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