How hard is it to repair an Apple Watch 7? This hard

Apple’s seventh-generation watch has managed to keep its iFixit repairability rating on par with the latest model, unlike its smartphone sibling.

The iFixit team found the slightly larger screen on the latest Apple Watch is a great help for removal using heat and a suction handle. Where the previous generation required a couple of flexible folds on its screen, the new version turned out to be simpler, with just one flex.

Things are also slightly different inside the watch. Apple’s diagnostic port is gone and the battery is bigger. That equates to a slight increase in power (1,094Wh from 1,024Wh between 40mm S6 and 41mm S7) which, when combined with the slightly hungrier display, means battery life is virtually unchanged.

Watch components … Source: iFixit. Click to enlarge

Aside from some tweaks to the speaker modules, the team noted that the changes were “small, but impressive.” Taking things apart was simply less effort, as the Taptic Engine was released without resorting to complicated mounts and, perhaps most importantly, the components are interchangeable.

The latter is in stark contrast to the latest iPhone Pro.

The team was able to switch displays and Taptic Engine modules between Series 7 watches with little drama and all functions still worked. A battery removed from a 6 Series also worked on the latest model.

“Not exactly recommended,” observed the team, “but nice to know it works in a pinch!”

It all meant that while the iPhone Pro’s repairability score dropped to a 5 out of 10 in this iteration, the Apple Watch has stuck to its 6. Marks were added for modular construction and ease of access, but deducted. by the fact that the screen would. needs to be peeled and glued for each repair.

The bonus points for the straps are still interchangeable, back to the original. ®

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