How GPS Tracking Apps Beneficial for Employers?

1. Hubstaff (Android and iOS):

  • Ideal for: Sales teams, construction companies, and other field services have mobile workforces.

For optimal visibility, Hubstaff provides reliable GPS location services.

The geofencing capabilities are fantastic. Geofencing is affordable for businesses of all sizes thanks to Hubstaff. According to book promotion It’s easy to add or remove users as your team grows and changes, so you only pay for what you need.

Your employee timesheets are automatically generated with geofencing. The clock starts ticking when they arrive at the workplace. They don’t even need to consider it. The crews appear and the app takes care of everything else.

This is a crucial tool for team building. Instead of going from site to site to make sure your team was on time, you now have real-time location data for everyone on the clock.

That means you can be sure your timesheets are correct. Plus, Hubstaff’s sophisticated automation helps you save a ton of time when it comes to handling payroll.

Some teams don’t always work from the same project site. With essential fleet tracking capabilities, Hubstaff has you covered.

The detailed panel shows the routes traveled, the stops made and the time spent at each site. Hubstaff is a great seller tracking app because of these features. It is ideal for all types of mobile equipment.

Hubstaff is created for efficiency. Hubstaff includes numerous features related to the field, such as:

  • It tracks expenses and makes sure those expenses are within budget.
  • Automate invoices for hours you’ve worked or other related expense.
  • Computerized payroll and less time on payroll.
  • Set up the schedule and work order for one-time or recurring tasks.
  • Establish and communicate the crew’s schedule.

Tracking employee location is quite simple and profitable with Hubstaff.

2. Timesheet for mobile devices (Android and iOS):

You can follow your employees’ locations from anywhere thanks to real-time synchronization with the Timesheet Mobile employer site.

You can clock in with the piercing notice and leave the jobsite with the push of a button. You can also use geofencing to automate the procedure. Whichever option you choose, everyone will find it easier to keep track of time.

This tool helps you manage free time and vacations by reminding your employees to take scheduled breaks. This ensures that your employees are well rested and motivated.

Timesheet Mobile’s clocking app can measure mileage and time traveled on more premium subscriptions. This is useful if you want to save money on gas by optimizing your travel routes.

Employees trying to track unauthorized overtime will receive an automatic alert from the app, which can save you money.

It will also alert them if they are not where they should be during business hours.

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