Here’s the best outdoors tech for your summer adventures

Summer is halfway through, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to end anytime soon. There’s still time for socially distanced backyard barbecues, hiking outdoors, fishing in the lakes and rivers you’re used to, or camping away from society until things settle down a bit.

Regardless of what you decide to do this summer, technology is here to make it a little easier. Whether it’s creating a mosquito-free zone around the campground, providing light on the darkest nights, or providing first aid if something goes wrong, we’ve searched the internet for you.

Here is the best technology for your outdoor adventures.

Suunto 9 Peak

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If you think most outdoor GPS watches are too bulky, the new Suunto 9 Peak is worth a look. It’s the thinnest and smallest smartwatch ever made, and it’s also the toughest. It was created for extreme adventures, training or racing, and has 25 hours of battery life in GPS mode, so you can use it to plot longer trails in the woods.

Track your blood oxygen levels, map stopping points on your journey, and measure all your daily metrics to find out your fitness levels. Oh, and Suunto heat maps show you the busiest routes, so you can either follow the herd or avoid it.

Casio PRT-B70 Series

Casio prt-b70 fishing focused connected watch
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Do you love fishing? The tug of war between man and nature, time outside, cold beer … Help catch that big catch for dinner with Casio’s PRT-B70 connected watches, featuring Fish-in-time. , which show the best fishing times for a specified date and place.

It will even give you a chance of catching something, so you can choose the best fishing hole before heading out. You’ll also get levels of time, moon age, and sunrise / sunset times – everything you need to plan your trip. The only thing it won’t do? Cast your line for you.

PowerSeeker Fish Finder

powerfinder and radar fish finder app
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Once you’re in the water, you may want to know exactly where those fish are hiding. PowerSeeker is a floating sonar device that will show you where the fish are and how deep they are underwater. It can detect them up to 80 meters away and provide you with a constant stream of information such as water temperature, depth, bottom topography, and more. With a four-hour battery life, you have all the time you need to cook your dinner.

PurePerfomance Mask

pureperformance mask
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The skins won’t go away anytime soon, especially with the Delta variant. Get comfort and filtration with PurePerformance masks, which feature Puramid filtration technology to remove particles down to three microns in size.

They have adjustable ear cups and custom nose inserts to fit your face, and they look quite stylish. This could be the last mask you buy.

Traeger WiFire Grills

Trager Pro 575 Grill
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

Grilling is a favorite hobby of many in the warmer months, and Traeger is one of the best ways to grill. The WiFi connected pellet grills have excellent temperature control for perfect cooking, meat probes to make sure everything is done to perfection, and ceramic coated grill grates for easy cleanup. Oh, and they have Alexa control, to change temperatures, timers, or even monitor your cooking. Get that perfect firewood flavor this summer.

Segway Ninebot Drift W1

segway ninebot drift w1 electric skates
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EScooters are last year. Slide this summer on Segway’s Drift W1 electric skates, which use gyros to keep you balanced on individual wheels. They have a top speed of 7.5 mph, can run for 45 minutes, and have a maximum user body weight of 220 pounds. They even have taillights, so you can use them in the dark. Once you learn to shift your center of mass to operate the throttle, it will slide with ease.

Razer Anzu

razer anzu smart glasses
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Sunglasses are almost a necessity during the summer months, but why stop and block out those harmful rays? Razer’s Anzu smart glasses have built-in microphones and speakers, so you can listen to your music or take phone calls while maintaining situational awareness since your ears are not covered with headphones.

The lenses block 99% of UVA and UVB rays, and if you are inside, you can switch to blue light blocking lenses that filter out 35% of those blue rays that break the circadian rhythm. The internal battery is good for five hours of listening to music, games, or voice calls, and they are IPX4 splash proof, so you can sweat without breaking them.

Dual Indoor / Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers iLive

dual ilive bluetooth speakers
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One of the minor annoyances of Bluetooth speakers is that you only get mono sound; since normally you only have one speaker. Not so with this kit from iLive, which gives you 360-degree sound with 20 hours of playtime at 50 percent volume.

They come with removable spikes for outdoor use and are waterproof. The top of each speaker is a small solar panel for trickle charging while in use, so you can enjoy more.

BioLite SolarHome 620

While being in the desert has its own kind of fun, stumbling in the dark isn’t fun. Change that up with this complete lighting and power kit from BioLite, combining lighting, switches, a 20 Wh battery bank, and a 6W solar panel for daytime recharging.

Oh, and it has a built-in FM radio and an SD card reader for MP3 playback on the battery bank, so you’ll never stray away from music to put the soundtrack on your time in nature.

Thermacell radio zone

thermacell radius anti-mosquito device
Image: KnowTechie

Nobody wants uninvited guests on their barbecue, and that doubles for mosquitoes. Take out the little bloodsuckers with this handy gadget from Thermacell that creates a 15-foot zone of sweet bliss from the clouds of annoyance.

It’s powered by a rechargeable battery with 6.5 hours of runtime, but you can always plug it into a solar-charged power bank for extra mosquito-kicking time. Be sure to pick up some extra refills, as the starter kit only has a 12-hour run time and refills can last up to 40 hours.

MyMedic MyFak

Mymedic myfak first aid packs in various colors
Image: KnowTechie

Before heading out into nature (or your backyard, whatever), it’s worth buying a medicine cabinet. Seriously, you shouldn’t go anywhere without a first aid kit, and MyMedic has some of the best.

These MyPak kits come in handy sturdy packages that zip open and are perfect for mounting behind your car’s headrests or clipped to your backpack for easy access.

We hope some of this cool technology helps your adventurous spirit navigate the countryside, feed your closest and loved ones, or give you the tunes to play. What are you waiting for? Get lost!

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