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Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system has been available for less than two months. The operating system runs on millions of devices, and it is clear that some of the users running these devices have opinions about the new operating system.

One of the locations to check comments is the Official Comment Center. Users can send feedback to Microsoft, other users can vote for suggestions, and Microsoft happens to respond to requests from time to time as well.

Neowin analyzed the Feedback Center to create a list of the top 10 requests from Windows 11 users. Here’s the full list sorted by votes:

  1. Regain the ability to move the taskbar to the top and sides of the screen in Windows 11
  2. Right-click again for Task Manager option on taskbar in Windows 11
  3. Update Windows 11 Start menu to support placing pinned apps into groups / folders
  4. Update Windows 11 taskbar to allow drag and drop files on application icons to open / transfer them to that application
  5. Update Windows 11 taskbar to support never combining app icons and displaying labels
  6. Update the Windows 11 taskbar to support the use of the small icons option that Windows 10 had
  7. I want the taskbar clock in Windows 11 to be available on all my monitors and not just my main monitor
  8. Remove the TPM requirement to determine Windows 11 eligibility
  9. I would like to be able to disable the Recommended section in the Start menu and make the entire area disappear in Windows 11
  10. I want to have the option to turn off the news in the widgets so that it is no longer displayed there.

The majority of the requests want the restoration of features that Microsoft removed from Windows 11. The vast majority cover taskbar-related changes: Six of the ten requests with the most upvotes request taskbar-related changes.

Microsoft removed several options from the Windows 11 taskbar, including the ability to place it at the top or sides of the screen, drag-and-drop support, or the option to right-click to open Manager. of homework.

At least one option, the ability to change the icon size to small, is still available, but only through Registry edits or the use of third-party apps, and not directly.

Two requests are related to the Start menu. The first asks Microsoft to restore the option to create groups and folders of pinned items in the Start menu, the second to get rid of the Recommended section entirely.

Two entries ask Microsoft to remove the Windows 11 TPM requirement and add an option to disable the news feature of the Widgets app.

Microsoft responded to some of the requests, but only one, the ability to display the date and time on a secondary screen, made its way into building a developer channel. It appears that Microsoft will not re-implement most of the requests.

Now you: Do you agree to the requests? Have a request of your own to add?


Here are the top feature requests from Windows 11 users

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Here are the top feature requests from Windows 11 users


Here are the top 10 requests that users of Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system have.


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