Halo Infinite update with Slayer, SWAT playlists may be its biggest yet

When Infinite haloWith multiplayer released last month, fans immediately took notice of the small selection of playlists. Addressing the complaints about the limited selection, 343 Industries was quick to say that it was working on new playlists for the game, which ultimately gave us a release window for those playlists as well. Fast forward to today and we not only have confirmation of when new playlists will arrive, but also what they will include.

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New Playlists Include Slayer, SWAT, and More

As is, play a specific mode in Infinite halo is not easy. Infinite haloMultiplayer is currently divided into four different playlists: Quick Match, Grand Team Battle, Bot Bootcamp, and Ranked. Each of those playlists includes a variety of modes. For example, the Quick Play Playlist offers Slayer, Capture the Flag, One-Flag CTF, Oddball, and Stronghold.

If you log in to Infinite halo looking to play a Slayer match, which is undoubtedly aurais the most popular mode – you have to queue for one of those playlists and hope you get lucky. When you add to the fact that there are challenges for specific modes like Stronghold or Oddball, it can be even more frustrating to queue for a playlist that only has a chance for you to participate in one of those games.

343 Industries / Microsoft

To fix this, 343 Industries said it would release new playlists by the end of the year. In an update posted on the aura subreddit Over the weekend, 343 shared some more concrete details, announcing that dedicated playlists for Slayer, Fiesta, Free-for-all (FFA), and Tactical Slayer (SWAT) will be added in this week’s update. That update is scheduled to go live tomorrow, which is Tuesday, December 14.

343 gives people what they want

One of the most frequent requests we’ve seen Infinite haloMultiplayer is the addition of an exclusive Slayer playlist. For those who have never played aura Previously, Slayer is the game’s standard deathmatch mode. In Slayer, the first team to 50 kills (100 kills in Big Team Battle Slayer) wins, making it a straightforward gameplay with no auxiliary objectives.

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343 Industries / Microsoft

For starters, 343 Industries says that the Slayer playlist will only include a “basic Slayer offering”, but more variants of the basic Slayer formula will be added in future updates. Unfortunately, for now, we have no idea what those updates are.

In that same Reddit post, 343 said that it is modifying the way the challenges work in this update. Some “particularly frustrating mode specific” challenges will be completely removed from the game with this update, while others will have their requirements lowered. Once these changes are in place, 343 says it should be easier to complete weekly challenges and unlock those weekly rewards.

In general, these changes seem very good for Infinite halo. There’s no question that the dedicated Slayer playlist is something gamers have been waiting for since launch, and the fact that we get additional modes like SWAT, Fiesta, and FFA is just the icing on the cake. Look for this update to land tomorrow, but while we wait for it to arrive, be sure to check out SlashGear’s full review of Infinite halo.

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