Gunmen attacks wedding function in Afghanistan for allegedly playing loud music – Insider Paper

Gunmen who identified themselves as Taliban attacked a wedding in eastern Afghanistan to prevent music from being played, killing at least two people and wounding 10 others, according to officials, according to the BBC.

Two of the three gunmen were arrested, according to a Taliban spokesman, but they did not act on behalf of the Islamist movement.

When the Taliban ruled the country from 1996 to 2001, music was banned.

The new authorities have not yet issued such a decree.

According to a witness, four couples were married in a joint wedding on Friday in the Surkh Rod district of Nangarhar province.

According to the report, they had obtained permission from a local Taliban leader to play recorded music in a women-only area.

However, late at night, gunmen broke into the building and tried to break the loudspeakers. When the visitors objected, the gunmen opened fire.

The case is under investigation, according to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid.

The Islamic State, an anti-Taliban group, is also active in Nangarhar and has been blamed for similar incidents in the past.

According to Khaama Press, Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi confirmed the arrest of three people who shot dead and injured more than 10 people at a wedding reception in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

According to Bilal Karimi, the people posed as Taliban fighters and used the name of the Taliban, but they did not belong to them.

Three gunmen opened fire on people attending a wedding in the Sorkh Rod district of eastern Nangarhar province, which borders Pakistan.

Two people were killed and ten people were injured, including children, in the incident.

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