Gucci made an Xbox Series X for the one percent | Engadget

Adidas isn’t the only clothing brand helping Microsoft celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary. Italian fashion house Gucci has partnered with the company to launch a that will cost $ 10,000. The package will include the console, two wireless controllers, and a very stylish carrying case. Oh, it will also come with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, in case you were concerned.

As you can imagine, the package is a branding exercise. The signature touch here is the console itself. Gucci has laser engraved it with their iconic Rhombi design. In this context, he says it is a visual pun with the pattern that alludes to both Guccio Gucci’s initials and the abbreviation for “Good Game.” Well played, Gucci. The included carrying case has dedicated space for both controllers and the Xbox Series X, so your gaming setup can come with you in on your next trip.

Gucci plans to sell just 100 hand-numbered units of the pack through its flagship stores. It will be available from November 17.

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