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Google Chrome is still the most popular desktop browser, at least in terms of how many users have installed it. Google released a new stable version of Chrome that brings the browser to version 95 on all platforms. To be precise, Google Chrome 95.0.4638.54 is the full build number.

As is the case with all versions of Chrome, these are automatically distributed over time to all devices on which Chrome is installed. Chrome desktop users can speed up the process by selecting Menu> Help> About Google Chrome to run a manual check for updates. The update is picked up and installed.

Google Chrome 95

Chrome 95 is first and foremost a security update. Google Chrome Versions Blog reveals 19 different security fixes are included in the new version of the browser. The highest severity rating is high, the second highest after criticism.

In terms of features, Chrome 95 is not a great release. Google made some changes to existing features and added some new features to Chrome.

Chrome 95 is the first version of the web browser to no longer support FTP. Chrome will notify the user when FTP links are activated or written in the browser’s address bar. Users must select an application to complete the action. Something related to that is the option to make web apps the default for certain types of file urls. Until now, only installed programs would appear in Chrome’s selection options.

save Chrome tab groups

Chrome users using the browser’s tab grouping feature find a new option to save groups. The option is not enabled by default, but users can enable it by loading chrome: // flags / # tab-groups-save in the Google Chrome address bar and setting the Save tag of Tab Groups to Enabled on the page. A reboot is required before the new save group option is available.

Chrome save tab group

Just right-click on a group of tabs anytime after reboot to get the new “Save Group” option in the context menu. Selecting the option saves all tabs to bookmarks from where they can be reopened at a later time.

The feature is not as useful for users who restore the last browsing session. It can be useful if you want to save all the tabs in a group to save them. You can check out our Chrome Tab Groups saving and restoring guide here.

Chrome 95 includes several other changes. These are the highlights:

Secure payment confirmation – It can be used by sites to improve the secure payment confirmation process. Google notes that the implementation improves security and “provides a better user experience” than existing solutions.

The function adds a new ‘payment’ extension to WebAuthn, which allows a relying party, such as a bank, to create a PublicKeyCredential that can be queried by any originating merchant as part of an online payment via the API of request for payment using the secure payment method. -Confirmation payment method.

EyeDropper API – Developers can use the API to create custom color pickers.

Rejection of non-IPv4 hostnames ending in numbers – Chrome will reject hostnames like or 127.1 as they can be potentially dangerous or confusing for users.

Cookie size limits – Implementation of the specification to limit the “sum of the lengths of the name and the value of the cookie to 4096 bytes, and limit the length of each attribute value of the cookie to 1024 bytes”. Attempts to set cookies that exceed the name and value limit are rejected, and cookie attributes that exceed the length limit are ignored.

New CSS length creation tools – In the Styles panel, hover over any CSS property with length information, for example height or padding. The type is underlined and you can click it to change the drive type.

Google published a developer post with additional developer changes in Chrome 95.

Now you: What is your opinion on Chrome 95? Do you use the browser?


Google released Chrome 95: here's what's new

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Google released Chrome 95: here’s what’s new


Google released a new stable version of Chrome that brings the browser to version 95 on all platforms. This is what’s new.


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