Google defeats Mickey Mouse as Disney-owned channels return to YouTube TV

As we told you recently, Google and Disney had a dispute that led to the removal of many YouTube TV channels. Essential television offerings like ABC, FX, Disney, ESPN, Freeform and more were abruptly withdrawn from service.

This affected me a lot as a YouTube TV subscriber, as it meant that I could no longer watch Jeopardy (which airs on ABC) in the evenings, something I really look forward to. Not to mention, my family loves to watch Christmas movies and shows on Freeform.

Well, Google’s showdown with Disney is officially over, and all previously removed channels will soon be added back. Yes, the search giant has figuratively faced and defeated the greedy Mickey Mouse. Phew! I’m glad it’s over …

Also great news? All DVR content removed from those channels will also be restored. In other words, if you had recorded content removed from your library as a result of this dispute, it will soon be returned. This was my biggest concern, as my family had so many episodes of The Middle removed (we love that show).

What’s also good is that YouTube TV will give all subscribers a $ 15 discount as a courtesy. This is a really nice gesture, as the channels were only turned off for a very short period. This makes the temporary inconvenience worth it to me.

You can see YouTube TV’s official statement from Twitter below.

Photo credits: Yuri arcurs/Shutterstock

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