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(Image: Gigabyte)
If there’s one thing that PC makers from all walks of life have in common, it’s the frustration they experience when trying to make PC cabling look half-decent. Most of us start out with good intentions but eventually end up with something akin to a rat’s nest due to the fact that all motherboard connections are on the front of the motherboard, facing the case window or to the side panel. But what if all those connectors were oriented in the opposite direction? That’s the path Gigabyte is taking with its new PC concept, which it calls AORUS Project Stealth.

The concept, which was revealed in a tweet by Aorus France, involves moving or reversing all I / O and power connectors on the motherboard so that no cables are visible when looking through the case window. Of course, doing so means that the motherboard would be incompatible with existing ATX cases, which is why Gigabyte has also created a completely new motherboard panel to fit the revamped design. And since every PC needs a GPU, and they are the worst offenders with their side-facing PCIe connectors and bulky cables, Gigabyte has also created a compatible GPU. The big change here is that all power and I / O cables connect from behind the motherboard now, so for example, that row of USB and audio connectors that runs along the bottom of the motherboard? Now they’re looking back, same thing with ATX 24-pin power, 8-pin CPU power, front panel connectors for power on, reboot, HDD activity, etc. The main benefit of this design is not only a cleaner appearance, but the lack of cables would also improve airflow within the chassis.

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These Gigabyte 3D renderings show what the final product looks like. In fact, it is quite clean. (Image: Gigabyte)

The Gigabyte-formed chassis includes cutouts for all necessary connectors, so the motherboard apparently “plugs” into the case, allowing you to see all connections from the back, leaving the front of the motherboard visible. without cables. It appears that the GPU also has rear racing PCIe connectors, although it is not entirely clear from the photos. Presumably there is a cutout in the motherboard panel to route those thick cables to the back of the card. Surprisingly, there are also sockets for 3- and 4-pin fan connectors on the back of the motherboard, as detailed in Ginjfo.combut we’d need someone to explain how a 120mm rear exhaust fan would have a long enough cable to reach it, but maybe Gigabyte already thought of that.

Gigabytes Project Stealth Aims to Hide Your PCs Wiring

Note the connectors along the bottom and edges of the motherboard. (Image:

The only problem with this whole setup is that you would have to buy all three products for it to be a clean and successful build. Obviously the motherboard and chassis are made for each other because of the cutouts for the cables, but if you add a regular GPU to the mix it could be an eyesore, even if you had modified cables.

For now, not much is known about this interesting project other than renders and photos, but sources say that Gigabyte will reveal more at CES 2022, which is just around the corner. Consider that we’re on board with this line of thinking, as the placement of connectors on the modern motherboard has always made hiding cables time-consuming and frustrating, even for the most diligent PC builders. It also looks like something like this will be a one-time effort from Gigabyte, as we doubt the industry would rally around the idea of ​​changing long-standing locations for all connectors due to the costs involved. Still, it at least looks pretty classy.

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