Get this RGB-covered gaming keyboard for a super low price

If you spend a lot of time on your computer, you know the benefits of having a mechanical keyboard. They’re one of a kind, with a nice typing feel and fast gaming key activation. It’s even better when you get them for little money, like this great deal from WhirlwindFX.

Until September 30, you can get the WhirlwindFX Atom for less than fifty dollars, 40% off its regular sale price. 40%! That’s almost enough to get you two for the same price. Heck, maybe it will do that and then you will have a replacement keyboard because once you type or play on this, you won’t want to go back.

The Atom has a 60 percent form factor, which means it has the main alphanumeric keys on each keyboard, without the space-taking number pad and the row of function keys. That means you’ll have more room on your desk for your mouse hand, ideal for gamers who prefer low-sensitivity settings. It also has WhirlwindFX’s amazing RGB software, which has integrations for tons of games that add to your immersion.

Again, you have until September 30 to get this pint-sized mechanical keyboard at 40% off.

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