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HONG KONG RAE – Media reach – September 14, 2021 – Magpie Securities Limited (Magpie Securities), a leading NASDAQ-listed MICT Inc wholly owned securities firm, today launched “Magpie Invest,” a new game-changing global equity trading platform that brings new horizons of opportunity investment strategy available to retail investors in Hong Kong. Kong Market.

Mr. Richard Abrahams, CEO of Magpie Securities (center), Mr. Calvin Lam, CRO and Head of Client Services (left) and Mr. Tommy Li, CTO (right), officiate the launch of Magpie Invest.

Richard Abrahams, CEO of Magpie Securities, speaks at the launch of Magpie Invest.

Clients can now download the Magpie Invest app on their iOS or Android device from the Apple Store and Google Play Store to enjoy a delightful digital stock trading journey, experiencing the convenient, easy-to-use, fast, and hassle-free platform that leverages the innovative and advanced technology. .

With Magpie Invest, Hong Kong retail investors will be able to get more than more in one app – offering more of what you want and more of what you need for equity trading, including allowing retail investors the ability to diversify. their investment portfolio and connecting them to more global markets than ever.

Celebrating the launch of Magpie Invest, Darren Mercer, Chief Executive Officer of MICT Inc and Non-Executive Chairman of Magpie Securities, said: “Magpie’s presence in Hong Kong is a key strategic move in establishing its presence in global equity markets, which it is essential to your long-term business interests. We are proud to bring world-class brands from world-class markets to Hong Kong retail investors. MICT has injected around HK $ 500 million to support Magpie Securities business growth and plans to inject additional capital to always offer competitive levels of margin financing at competitive rates. ”

Magpie Invest delivers on its “Get More Than More” brand promise to clients with a series of compelling propositions: more markets, more opportunities, more news, more value, more international experience, and more free data:

More markets

Magpie Invest at its launch will bring seven equity markets available to trade, including:

  • North America – US: NASDAQ, NYSE and Canada: TMX
  • Asia – Hong Kong Stock Exchange and China Stock Connect (SH)
  • Europe: London Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Paris Stock Exchange

The app will connect more and more markets, with Japan, Australia and Switzerland soon to be added to the trading list.

Clients can trade 18 hours non-stop in one day with Magpie Invest.

More news

Magpie Invest partners with two leading professional news sources, MT Newswires and Zhitong Finance, to provide users with insightful, relevant, informative and real-time news feeds (with over 1000 in English and over 1700 in Chinese) the 24 hours a day, supporting traders with valuable market knowledge and experience. The smart app strives to maintain a quiet news hub where only the most relevant premium business and financial news is provided.

Additionally, Magpie Securities will establish our own global network of journalists to bring unique and exclusive content to equity traders, adding a whole new international flavor to retail equity trading in Hong Kong.

More value

Magpie Invest promises to offer more value to clients through attractive welcome incentives and competitive offers in the promotional period:

  • New customers deposit HK $ 10,000 and a full transaction will receive 1 Twitter share (US shares, Approximately HK $ 550)
  • The first 5,000 account openings will receive 1 additional Burberry share (UK shares, approximately HK $ 200)
  • Reward free stocks from global serial exchanges, including Twitter, eBay, Burberry, and Aston Martin, etc.
  • The total value of the welcome offer and the friend referral program will reward more than HK $ 2,600
  • $ 0 fee for trading Hong Kong stocks
  • Free live data transmission in the international markets in which we operate

Mr. Richard Abrahams, Chief Executive Officer of Magpie Securities, commented: “Our core value proposition is to continually bring more to Hong Kong retail investors. We bring global stock markets to Hong Kong retail investors in one app, making it easy to trade global markets and diversify your investment portfolios and currency exposure. We will continually strive to bring more retail investors to Hong Kong by utilizing innovative technologies and developing ongoing partnerships. “

Hong Kong is the number one Asian financial center, which has a large number of well-educated retail investors who are experienced users of stock trading applications, making it a perfect market to launch Magpie’s new business – Magpie Invest aims to become the No.1 global stock trading platform.

Magpie Invest’s declared welcome offer schedule is subject to change and in accordance with the terms and conditions. For more details, access the website. for details.

About Magpie Securities Limited (Magpie Securities)

Magpie Securities is a leading licensed securities firm (CE No. BJC541) based in Hong Kong, wholly owned by MICT Inc., a global financial technology company founded in 2002, listed on the NASDAQ. 2 Futures Contract Negotiation License, Type 4 Securities Advisory License, Type 9 Asset Management License. Develops and operates the global equity trading application – MAGPIE INVEST, which was introduced in September 2021. Magpie Securities offers its clients global investment opportunities to trade on more international exchanges than any other trading application in Hong Kong, which brings more markets and more stocks. to everyday retail securities traders.


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