‘Genshin Impact’ now supports 120fps on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro | Engadget

The popular iOS game Genshin impact you are taking advantage of the iPhone 13 Pro’s most updated ProMotion display with a new 120fps mode, 9to5Mac has reported. In addition to higher frame rates, developer miHoYo introduced new areas, events, missions, character banners, and more.

Apple previously wrote that all iOS developers must release updates for their apps or games to “unlock” 120Hz mode by adding the .plist file key. As with Android devices, using the mode will drain your battery faster, but allow for smoother gameplay. Second-gen or higher iPad Pros don’t necessarily need an update to support 120Hz refresh rates, but any game will likely require one anyway.

At WWDC 2021 Apple Design Awards, Genshin impact won the best game in the visual category, thanks to graphics and art that “push the frontier of mobile games,” Apple wrote. While the game is also available on Android, PC, and Playstation 5, iOS appears to be the first platform to support the highest frame rates, according to the Brazilian site. Technoblog.

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