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Garena has announced that he will be making some major changes to the abilities of Chrono, the character in the game that was released around this time last year. The character is based on the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and comes with an active ability that creates a force field around the user. Called Time Warp, this allows players to shoot from inside the field, while any attack would be absorbed for a limited time. With the new update, the characters will be nerfed to a very high degree.

Chrono nerfed in Garena Free Fire

Garena will weaken Chrono’s active ability. After the update, players inside the force field will no longer be able to shoot through the shield. To counter this, the shield’s HP has been increased to make it more durable. Unsurprisingly, these changes haven’t gone well with players, especially considering the fact that this isn’t the first nerf done to the character.

Nerfing in multiplayer games is generally done to ensure fair and balanced play. Obviously, Garena thought Chrono was slightly overpowered and gave players using him a bit of an advantage in competitive play.

Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t the only real-world celebrity to appear as a character in the game. A notable inclusion on this list was Hritik Roshan, who had a character named Jai who was inspired by him. Jai is described as a decorated SWAT commander. As you would expect from such a backstory, the character is well versed in weapons and his skill reflects that. Jai has a passive ability called Raging Reload. This ability automatically recharges Jai’s weapon by up to 30% of its capacity when he knocks down an opponent. However, this is limited to assault rifles, pistols, submachine guns, and shotguns. This makes Jai a good choice for players who almost constantly push opponents and take on enemies. However, the character was removed from the game in July of this year.

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