Future iPhones, iPads, MacBooks Could Feature Larger Batteries With Use Of Slimmer Chips

Apple could put bigger batteries in future iPhones and other products without making the devices thicker in the future, all thanks to smaller chips and other components.

According to a new DigiTimes According to the report, Apple will benefit from thinner parts from companies like TSMC and Amkor. That will allow Apple to fill the additional internal space with battery, something that we would all benefit from without having to also settle for increasingly thick devices.

Apple is expected to significantly increase the adoption of IPD (embedded passive devices) for new iPhones and other iOS products, providing strong business opportunities for manufacturing partners TSMC and Amkor, according to industry sources.

Peripheral chips for the iPhones, iPad and MacBook series are getting thinner with higher performance to allow more space for higher capacity battery solutions for the devices, and the demand for IPD will grow dramatically in line with the trend, they said. the sources.

While the report doesn’t say exactly when this will happen, it does suggest that it could be a change made in conjunction with the use of TSMC’s new 3nm chip manufacturing process. That, in turn, could mean we’d benefit from all of this by the time iPhones 2024 arrive, if previous reports are any indication.

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The inclusion of larger batteries generally means larger devices, but Apple’s use of thinner parts could allow it to free up internal space and keep devices the same size. That’s the holy grail of battery upgrades and it might take just a couple of years.

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