Facebook steps up climate crisis misinformation detection during COP26

Facebook reached its goal of net zero emissions in 2020.

Simon Dawson / Bloomberg via Getty Images

With COP26 Starting this week in Glasgow, Scotland, big tech companies are taking a moment to reflect on their own roles and responsibilities when it comes to tackling the climate crisis. For Facebook, this largely means ensuring that people have access to the best and most accurate information backed by science.

In a blog post published Monday, Facebook Vice President Nick Clegg said that before the UN climate summit, the company had activated a feature, designed for critical public events, that uses keyword detection to make it easier for fact-checkers to find and remove misinformation.

“Social media companies have the power to connect people to each other to make a difference at scale, amplify marginalized voices and share powerful information,” said Clegg. “We want to play our role in helping people find accurate science-based information while tackling misinformation.”

Facebook’s COP26 actions follow in the footsteps of Apple’s announcement that 175 of its manufacturing partners are pledging to use renewable energy. The size of the world’s largest tech companies and the energy used to power their supply chains and data centers means they have an important role to play in ensuring their global operations are no longer contributing to the climate crisis. Last year, Facebook reached zero net emissions for its global operations, which are backed 100% by renewable energy. It is now focusing on reaching net zero across its entire value chain and becoming water positive by 2030.

Facebook also announced that it is expanding access to its Climate Science Information Center, released in November 2020, to 100 additional countries. You are adding a new section to the center that will show countries’ greenhouse gas emissions compared to their commitments and targets, so that people can better understand where their country is today and what else needs to be done.

For Facebook users who want to participate in the conversation about the weather on the platform, the company Act now chat experience on Messenger and Instagram, as well as introducing new stickers for people to show their support for environmental causes. It will also host a series of conversations with leading voices in the climate movement and host a new podcast series called Climate Talks.

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