Enterprise Ireland unveils mission to propel Irish medtechs into US market

A new strategic collaboration between Enterprise Ireland and US Northwell Health will provide Irish medical technologies with international opportunities to scale.

A new partnership between Enterprise Ireland and New York-based healthcare provider Northwell Health aims to highlight Irish medical technologies and help them enter the US market.

The strategic collaboration was announced at Enterprise Ireland’s Med in Ireland conference, taking place today and tomorrow (November 3-4). Health experts from around the world attend the event. Its organizers hope it will provide an opportunity for Irish medical technology innovators to connect with international healthcare providers.

Addressing the conference, Stephen Creaner, CEO of Enterprise Ireland, said the agreement “further validates what Ireland has to offer in the provision of healthcare and medical technology around the world” and presents “significant opportunities for for innovative Irish companies to jointly market and develop new innovations and enter the US market. “

“Enterprise Ireland places a strong focus on driving this innovation agenda in the medical technology industry and facilitating successful partnerships between Indigenous Irish companies and influential global healthcare systems and medical technology manufacturers,” continued Creaner.

Northwell Health is a leading health care provider on the East Coast of the US It has 23 hospitals, 77,000 employees, and more than 16,000 affiliated physicians who provide health care to about 2 million people.

Based on a previous agreement

Enterprise Ireland’s new partnership builds on an earlier agreement with Northwell Health, in which the American company engaged with Irish medical technology companies and provided them with access to key doctors and decision makers in its extensive healthcare network.

The partnership will provide Irish medical technology companies the opportunity to develop and commercialize new medical technologies, as well as to collaborate in joint ventures on an international scale.

Northwell Health Executive Director of Global Strategic Partnerships Elaine Brennan said: “With these collaborations we hope to commercialize medical technologies to benefit patients around the world. The strategic alliance with Enterprise Ireland is one of the many overseas relationships Northwell participates in as it takes a global vision to identify the most innovative solutions and partnerships. “

Enterprise Ireland has its sights firmly set on the future with this year’s conference theme entitled ‘The Big Moment of Medical Technology’, a reference to the role Ireland can play in bringing the world out of the pandemic.

The conference will focus on some of the major industry changes shaping the world of post-pandemic healthcare, including the move to preventive care, the role of digitization in the shift to healthcare outside of hospital settings, the emergence of environmentally sustainable technologies and the development of new distribution and inventory management models to address supply chain weaknesses.

“Med in Ireland is a major event for international healthcare providers and manufacturers to engage with the Irish medical technology industry,” said Trade Advocacy Minister Robert Troy, TD, at the launch of the conference.

“The sector is very important to the Irish economy as it employs 45,000 people. It is also making an important contribution to international healthcare, responding to Covid-19 but also transforming healthcare. Years of investment from both government and industry have fueled the resilient response to the pandemic and created a focused community of innovation and expertise within Ireland that is breaking new ground in healthcare, ”said Troy.

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