Electric Bike Company Model Y review: A luxury cruiser ebike

Most of the e-bikes we’ve tested at TNW have futuristic designs, extensive smart features, or minimal aesthetics. But sometimes you just want something a little more classic, and for that, Electric Bike Company’s Model Y it exactly fits the bill.

Made in the USA

Electric bicycle company is a relatively rare breed of an electric bike brand, as their bikes are designed and manufactured in the U.S. Virtually all of the company’s bikes are a beach cruiser variety, and while some components come from outside of the In the USA, the company makes custom frames in California. This includes optional custom paint jobs and wood trim on various parts of the bike, offering much more customization than any electric bike you’ve ever tried.

That extra attention to detail also allows EBC to be confident enough to offer an extremely rare 10-year warranty on both the frame and motor, as well as a 5-year warranty on the battery. Most inexpensive electric bikes offer a one-year warranty, and while more expensive bike companies can guarantee the frame for that long, even the most expensive ones tend to exceed two to three years when it comes to crucial components like the motor and battery. The company even says that each cell is individually inspected by experts before assembling the battery, and says the motors are rated to last 18 years.

I mention all of this because the first thing that struck me about the Model Y upon unpacking was the polish and attention to detail. It looks and feels like a bike built to last. The bike retails for $ 1,949 in its base configuration (+ $ 200 shipping within the continental US, though free local pickup is available in Newport Beach, CA), and it looks like you’re getting a lot for your money.

The bike comes almost fully assembled and very well packed. Paint job is clean and welds are smooth. There are stylish component options everywhere, like all-metal fenders (a $ 79 option) and chain guard, corrosion-resistant stainless steel components, and bright integrated lighting. Vegan leather grips and saddle look stylish and feel great; the oversized seat is the bicycle equivalent of an armchair. I normally want to change these two details immediately after receiving a new bike to test, but not on the Model Y.

Even the basket is prettier than usual, with both rods to hook the elastics and a mesh lining to keep items from falling. That basket houses the battery, by the way, a really nice touch that helps evenly distribute the weight of the bike with the motor on the rear hub; I wish more companies would take this approach.

Some other specs and highlights:

  • 504 Wh battery (48 V / 10.5 Ah), upgradeable to 1008 Wh (+ $ 799)
  • A refreshingly fast 3.5A charger (3-4 hours for a full charge from empty)
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes automatically cut off engine power
  • 500W rear hub motor (1000W max)
  • 12-magnet cadence sensor
  • Thumb throttle
  • 27 ″ wide cruiser handlebar
  • 25 mph top speed (comes set to 20 mph)
  • Single Speed ​​Powertrain (+ $ 189)
  • Sturdy kickstand
  • 58 pounds with battery
  • Large color LCD screen with USB for powering accessories
  • Balloon tires available in 26 and 24 inch sizes (tested on 24 inches)
  • Optional suspension fork (+ $ 189)
  • Optional GPS tracker (+ $ 499)
  • Optional burglar alarm with remote control (+ $ 129 upgrade)
  • Optional rear grill (+129 or more, depending on color)

I tested the basic specs with just the addition of fenders.

Absurdly customizable

As you can see, the bike offers a lot of customization options, but that’s even before we get to the myriad ways you can customize your paint job. There are dozens of color options for the frame, fork, fenders, chain guard, basket, components, rims, and luggage rack. Each can be customized separately, literally leading to thousands of millions of possible color combinations. EBC even allows for some options that are not in place if you communicate with your team separately, including matte finishes and 24 ″ wheels.

Painting the frame costs an additional $ 300, while other components will cost you $ 79- $ 209. If you customize each component, the paint job will bring the base spec setting closer to $ 3,000.

Electric Bike Company Model Y Customization Options