Droid Life’s Random List of Black Friday Deals

It is Black Friday, and while we love posting about tech deals every year, we think it’s time to keep it up to date and post anything that we personally find cool. For example, I love guitar plug-ins and fancy jump strings right now. Maybe you are too? You never know when inspiration might hit, so let’s take it for a spin.

As you’ll see below, we’ve got a collection of weird links, all filled with solid offers to fill your own or someone else’s home as a gift. You have to love this time of year, right?

Have fun poking around!

Tim’s List

Kellen’s List

  • Marine Layer has a 20% discount on everything – The clothes are so damn soft and the size hits us like no other.
  • Amazing Grass “Greens Blend” superfood is 15% off – Greens are good for you. Drink these every day thanks to this discount.
  • Legends Luka HD Shorts are 30% off – Instagram ads are disgusting, but these shorts are my all-time favorite workout shorts. The whole site is 30% off, but a lot is cheesy. Just get the shorts.
  • In Running Classics 20-30% discount – The Cloudswift from On is my current top general training shoe. If you buy the current model, it will cost you $ 150, but the “Classics” version can usually be had in secret for between $ 99 and $ 119. Shop the classics to get great deals on On’s lovely workout gear.
  • Anker’s Newest 2-in-1 Magnetic Stand is 20% off – Yes, I still use my iPhone 13 Pro and the Anker 2-in-1 Magnetic Charger is my favorite bedside charger. I have the old model, but this new one is for sale by BF.
  • A game of cat and mouth – You have a son? This Exploding Kittens team game is really fun. My 8 year olds love it and it’s also only $ 12.50 for BF.
  • Quip is 25% off at Best Buy – My whole family has used Quip toothbrushes for years. I can’t say enough about the design, the cheap refills, and the quality of the brush that I get. If you want colder colors than Best Buy, you must buy straight to Quip, although.
  • Misen hosting 25% discount on all sales – Misen makes a ton of quality kitchen goods at decent prices, but their utility knife is the best I have (I actually have 2) due to its size and sharpness. Get it now with a 25% discount. Buy them for your whole family too.

Any random thing you want to share that we need to buy?

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