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One of the most frequently asked questions by many players or others who want to open a casino is related to the IRS. Today, casinos report all their winnings to the IRS. Will you get your money after all taxes are applied or do you have to pay? To answer all these questions, our team put together a detailed article that explains how things really work. Make sure you read it carefully and do things the right way! Let’s dive right into the topic!

How gambling winnings are taxed

Before explaining how your earnings from a Indian Casino The operator is reported, you must know what the IRS is and what is the mission it has to fulfill. The IRS is known as the Internal Revenue Service and it has to deal with taxes. Its field includes taxpayer service, tax return processing and, lastly, tax execution.

When it comes to gambling, the winnings you just made are taxed by the IRS. A part of your earnings is withheld, a small percentage. All your earnings are considered taxable income. That means you don’t go home with all the money.

In some cases, not all winnings from casino games such as slots, bingo, or keno are taxable. You must check the laws before wanting to withdraw your money. Generally, a 24% tax is applied on the amount you won in a lucky gambling session. Note that in addition to money, you can also win physical prizes. They will be subject to taxes.

Please note that the casinos will send you the W-2G document when you win more than 600 USD. That’s the equivalent of INR 44,504.

Report gambling winnings

Earnings are usually reported through a W-2G document. In that document, you must fill in personal data such as tax identification number, telephone number, name, surname, address, etc. If your state does not use the W-2G document, you will need to complete a nonresident alien document called 1040-NR.

Report gambling winnings

The list of games that are taken into consideration to pay the winning taxes are lotteries, horse races, other types of bets, raffles or different tournaments (slots, poker, blackjack, etc.).

Example of how taxes work

After that, a percentage of the money is deducted to the IRS and the other part to our own wallet. For example, if you just earned INR 500,000, 24% will go to the IRS, which means INR 12,000. Subtract the 120,000 INR from the 500,000 INR and you will remain with 380,000 INR in your wallet. Players who do not provide a social security number will be taxed at 28% and non-residents 30%.

Do casinos report gambling winnings to the IRS?

Yes! All casinos have to report game winnings to the IRS based on the type of game they are playing. Don’t forget that gambling winnings are considered taxable income and the casino will take a percentage from them. Then that amount of money is reported to the IRS. But what games and how much money do you have to win for that to happen? Let’s take a closer look at the following list and see the percentage taken by the IRS.

Report gambling winnings

  • Horse racing – taxable when you win 300 times more than your bet. The sum of money is generally classified at INR 44,000 to be subject to tax
  • Slot machine – You have to win at least 89,000 INR for the casino to report the win to the IRS
  • Bingo games – Same as the winnings of the slot machines described above
  • A poker tournament – when a player wins 370,061 INR, the winnings are reported

Are gambling losses deductible?

Gambling losses are deductible only if you itemize them. For example, if you are a professional player, the chances of recovering some of your losses are high. But, even if you are not a PRO, you still have a chance to get some of your money back. Just be sure to keep track of your profits and losses.

You will need documents such as the W-2G, Form 5754, your credit records, and the invoices / receipts provided by the casino you are playing at. If you played poker, your records should show the money you played (win or lose), who the other players at the table were, and the address of the casino. Note that based on your losses, deductions for losses are limited. That means you will NOT get all the money you lose, but only a part of it.

Please note that you must report all your earnings before claiming a deduction!

Do states tax gambling winnings?

Yes, states do that! Let’s take an example. In India, when a gambler wins more than 10,000 INR, the state retains 30%. That amount of money is deducted from earnings and reported using a TDS file. This document is also known as tax deducted at source.

Apart from India, most states will impose taxes play. It means that no matter where you are from, taxes must be paid. Those who do not report them will have legal problems and can be fined in accordance with the law.


Now that you know casinos and that you are required to report winnings to the IRS, keep track of all your expenses. Make sure you fill out the forms correctly and wait for the rest of the money to enter your account. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask the tax parties for help.

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