DGA awards design works contract for French Navy’s patrol vessels

The contract has been awarded to Naval Group. Credit: Grupo Naval

The Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) has awarded a contract for the preliminary and detailed design work of the French Navy’s ocean patrol vessel (OPV).

The contract was awarded to Naval Group. Its value has not been disclosed.

This contract follows a framework agreement signed by the French Defense Procurement Agency in October last year in connection with the study, development, production and operational maintenance of ten initial ocean patrol vessels.

Naval Group was awarded the first contract to perform design and value analysis. This contract was approved by the French Defense Procurement Agency in June this year.

Now, the latest award makes it Naval Group’s second contract.

Naval Group stated that it will be awarded another contract for a shipbuilding monitoring service.

Under the OPV program, the patrol boats stationed in mainland France will be renewed.

The high seas patrol boats (ex-A69 notices) are based in Brest and Toulon, while the public service patrol boats are based in Cherbourg.

OPVs are required to support deterrence, provide an autonomous assessment of situations in areas of sovereignty or interest, evacuate nationals, and safeguard national interests during maritime approaches.

The OPV program is part of an industrial scheme that requires collaboration between civil and military entities.

As the architect of the entire project, Naval Group is responsible for the design of these vessels.

Once the vessels have been designed, the French Defense Procurement Agency will entrust the construction of the vessels to the shipyards that were awarded the framework agreement for deliveries between 2025 and 2029.

Commenting on the second phase of the OPV program, Naval Group said: “In the face of increasing maritime traffic and the proliferation of threats at sea, Naval Group is proud to contribute to the renewal of France’s naval capabilities through the design of ships. multi-mission offering the Genuine operational superiority of the French Navy with a situational awareness capability superior to that of the patrol boats currently in service. ”

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