Developers appear to be losing interest in macOS

Analysis carried out by Appfigures suggests that developers are losing interest in macOS.

The number of Mac app launches has been steadily declining for years, but Appfigures has noticed a rapid decline in recent months that shows no signs of slowing down:

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In 2020, developers released 392 apps on average per month. In 2021, that dropped to 343 per month.

Appfigures is not overly optimistic about the outlook going forward and forecasts a drop to the low 200s for August onwards.

To put all of this in context, the iOS App Store continues to thrive with 40,000 new apps on average each month in 2020. Apple itself said last year that it receives more than 100,000 apps or app updates per week for iOS.

Apple’s decision to start using its own silicon, starting with the M1, for its latest Macs and iPads shows how the line between the two is blurring more than ever.

Now that iPad and iPhone apps are supported on M1-powered Mac devices, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the Mac M1 market share reaches a point where more Mac developers decide to focus their efforts in iPad applications to benefit from the market share of both. platforms.

Ariel Michaeli, CEO and founder of Appfigures, wrote in a blog post:

“With the new M1 processor, the promise of iOS applications on the desktop has come true and I see a lot of potential for many developers. But … the way I see it, this can go in two very different directions.

Once enough M1-equipped computers are in the hands of consumers, and given the number of applications that will be instantly available, users will be forced to use the Mac App Store to obtain applications. Or, another possibility is that because the Mac App Store is not a destination at all, users will skip the experience entirely and continue to use the iOS apps where they were intended to be used, on phones, and this opportunity will die.

I’d love to see the former, but without any major changes from Apple, I’m ready for the latter. “

At this point, it appears that just a decision to enable macOS app support on iPadOS could slow the decline of new Mac apps. As Apple increasingly believes the iPad can replace your laptop and recently added adequate support for the touchpad, it might not be such a far-fetched idea.

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