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TOKYO JAPAN – Media reach – December 17, 2021 -DeCo Finance, which is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain, will officially launch in December 2021. DeCo’s protocol features a simple user interface built on a sophisticated engine that supports the pool with low impermanent losses. DeCo has already introduced 2 tokens that circulate throughout the ecosystem, DEMON and DEMONX.

Observing the growing requirements of the industry market, DeCo Finance established itself by collecting some of the world’s leading DeFi protocols to advance collaboration of DeFi protocols in performance agriculture, NFT and Gamification. DeCo, an abbreviation for Demon Ecosystem, was derived from today’s technologically advanced community, in which mining techniques are always improving to a point where there is a cross between traditional Proof-of-Work mining and modern mining. of Proof of Stake. DeCo Finance creates this cross between traditional mining equipped with contract mining for blockchain and the crypto community to participate / access the world of the modern mining ecosystem.

The DEMON pre-sale was launched on November 26, 2021. Early adopters will need to purchase DEMON with USDT or BUSD and participate in liquidity pools after the launch of the DeCo Finance vault. The first adopter will get 2,000,000,000 DEMON at a rate of $ 0.00678 continuously, the second adopter will get 2,000,000,000 DEMON at a rate of $ 0.00848, on the 3rdrd adopter will get 2,000,000,000 DEMON at a rate of $ 0.01017 and so on.

The official launch of the DeCo Finance Vault is December 24, 2021 UTC at 1600. The price for PancakeSwap will be $ 0.01349. DeCo will present individual funds, bet DEMON, win DEMON, bet BNB, win DEMO, LP deposits, bet DEMON-BNB LP.

The protocol and miners, shareholders, and bondholders incur the cost of producing and holding DeFi tokens. Most of the value comes from the token transaction within the DeFi primitives and is captured by these DeFi primitives. Demon Ecosystem solves this problem by integrating token creation and use in a decentralized ecosystem. Demon will also be integrated with GameFi Metaverse called DemonX, which will jointly build the gamification and DeFi app in the ecosystem. This relationship will create a positive feedback loop and generate a steering wheel effect.

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