Dell’s Matt Baker on Edge Computing and ‘The Third Premises’ | eWEEK

Talk to Matt baker, Senior Vice President of Dell Technologies, on current and future trends in the edge computing market. He explained his theory of “The Third Premises” and how it helps to understand edge computing.

Among the questions he addressed:

  • you guys to write that “We are on the verge of a large swing of the pendulum from a state that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella characterized as ‘maximum centralization’ to a much more distributed IT environment.” In that sense, you managed to connect the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind“With the evolution of cutting edge computing. Please what is the connection?
  • He anticipates that IT equipment deployments outside of data center environments will likely overshadow what we’ve seen over the past decade with the public cloud. Can you give us a portrait of how this will evolve?
  • His blog post opines that “We have reached the pinnacle of traditional data storage and centralized computers, and we are seeing a fundamental change in where computing occurs and data is generated. Going from thousands of systems in hundreds of locations to millions of systems and locations creates a problem of scale, especially for public cloud providers. Glory awaits whoever can solve this scale problem, and we have a good advantage here at Dell Technologies. ” Please explain.
  • What do you think is the short to medium term future of edge computing? What milestones can we expect and how can companies prepare for them in advance?

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