CBA uses Technology division formation to reshuffle some tech leaders

CBA has used the formation of its centralized ‘Technology’ division in October last year as an opportunity to rotate some existing technology leaders between technology-based domains.

Last year, the bank changed the name of ‘Business Services’, where IT was previously housed, under the broader banner of ‘Technology’ and in doing so, brought together its technology and operations functions more.

Another impact of the change that emerged during the holidays is the internal shift of technology leaders between roles and domains.

ITnews has confirmed that the reorganization is a direct result of the formation of the ‘Technology’ division, which allowed the rotation of some technology leaders from their existing responsibilities to deal with different technology areas.

Paul Gladigau, CIO / general manager of markets technology and institutional banking (IB&M) at CBA, revealed last week that he had changed to CIO / general manager of technology services management of the whole group.

The service management role is understood to have previously been held by Darren Somerville, who remains with the bank but has shifted internally to a different, yet undisclosed technology role.

Service Management is responsible for the management, operations, tools, practices, and controls of all CBA technology applications and services.

He has close ties to the bank’s engineering practice and collaborates on DevOps and site reliability engineering standards, fundamentals deemed important as the bank expands its engineering teams.

Meanwhile, Martin Anderson has taken over Gladigau’s former IB&M technology role, albeit on an interim basis.

Gladigau has been with CBA for more than five years and has also held senior technology positions at JPMorgan Chase, Macquarie Group, BlackRock, and IBM.

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