Brave Browser Now Comes With Its Own Crypto Wallet

If you, like many others, have decided to start investing in crypto, you will obviously need a place to store it, such as a crypto wallet. The good news for Brave browser users is that it appears that the company has updated its browser where it actually comes with its own crypto wallet.

According to the company, “Unlike most crypto wallets, Brave Wallet does not require extensions; It is native to the browser, reducing security risks and dependency on additional CPU and memory. Users can trade almost any crypto asset with superior security and performance, as well as connect to other Web3 DApps and wallets. “ The company also claims that it will soon be available on its mobile app.

For those unfamiliar, a wallet is where users can store their cryptocurrencies. Typically, when you buy crypto on an exchange, you are using a wallet provided by the exchange. One of the reasons you may choose to use your own wallet rather than the exchange’s is for security, where some might prefer to have more control over their crypto.

It also makes it easy for users to move their cryptocurrencies, for example, to another exchange. According to Brave, using the browser’s built-in wallet will allow users to view live and historical market charts, find the best price matches, send and receive assets, manage their portfolio, interact with DApps, and more.

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