Bluetti Christmas Sale will keep your house bright even after the holidays

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It’s that time of year when the lights are intentionally flickering, at least when it comes to Christmas decorations. However, the unfortunate events of the past few weeks have probably worried some homeowners when the lights go out due to acts of nature. Fortunately, Bluetti has a wide range of products that can give you the energy you need and recharge even on a cloudy day. Even better, it’s closing out the year with an explosion of holiday discounts in case you missed out on the terribly low prices last Halloween.


Fan Favorite: AC300 Modular Power Station and B300 Battery Modules

Bluetti redefined the concept of portable battery-powered power plants when it introduced an element of modularity to its product line. Rather than get stuck with the battery capacity you paid for, Bluetti left the door open to add what you need and only when you need it. That’s the flexibility that the AC300 and B300 combos offer, and you save a bit more when you opt for this package.

The “muscular” AC300 is a 3000W pure sine inverter that does not come with its own battery inside. While that sounds like a big step back, it actually makes the system more flexible. Not only is it easier to transport, but it can also be paired with up to four B300 batteries, bringing the total to 12,288 Wh. In fact, you can even pair it with a similar AC300 and a four-pack B300 setup with the Bluetti Fusion Box Pro for a whopping 24,576Wh 240V of whole house power.

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The 3000W B300 battery modules use the same LFP (also LiFePO4) or Lithium Iron Phosphate cells that make electric car batteries safer and more durable. They can even be charged using AC and solar sources at the same time for even faster effects. With Bluetti’s PV200 solar panels, the occasional shade or obstruction won’t cloud your day and still provide you with some power, thanks to its monocrystalline material.

Normally $ 3699, the Bluetti AC300 and B300 Power Plant Combination It will be available for just $ 3,199 during this Christmas sale. If you want an even bigger deal for a bigger combo, the Premium AC300 + 2 * B300 + 3 * PV200 Combo It will cost just $ 5,699, down from the $ 7,444 SRP, and it already includes:

o One AC300 power station module: 3000W
o Two external batteries LFP B300: 3072Wh
o Three PV200: 200W foldable monocrystalline solar panel

All terrain: AC200 MAX and B230 batteries

Following on from the crowdfunded AC200, the AC200 MAX modularity and flexibility in one package. It comes with its own 2,048Wh LFP battery so it’s instantly useful without having to bring another box. At the same time, you’re not stuck with that capacity forever because you can still connect up to two B230 battery modules or even two B300 batteries to level up.

1640457986 552 Bluetti Christmas Sale will keep your house bright even after

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Selling for a regular price of $ 2,099, this holiday season will see the Bluetti AC200 MAX drop to just $ 1,899. If you want to do your best for green energy, even for a few days, there is also a AC200Max + 3 * PV200 for off grid life test package that will cost just $ 2,999 instead of the regular price of $ 3,746. This package includes:

o One AC200MAX expandable solar generator: 2200W, 2048Wh
o Three PV200: 200W foldable monocrystalline solar panel

Candy: AC200P, EB70S, EB55 and more, oh my!

As mentioned, Bluetti has a wide variety of products that cover a wide variety of needs and budgets. For those who need a smaller but reliable companion, the new EB70S offers a 800W pure sine wave AC inverter and 716Wh LiFePO4 battery for just $ 549 this Christmas after a direct discount of $ 50 (from $ 599). . Just a small step down is the 700W EB55 with a 537Wh battery pack, priced at just $ 449 after the $ 50 holiday savings.

1640457986 69 Bluetti Christmas Sale will keep your house bright even after

Image Credit: Bluetti

Bluetti also has a few more combinations to offer this season, along with some much-needed relief for your wallets:

AC200P + 3 * PV200 A essential for Glamping: $ 2779 (Reg. $ 3446)
o An AC200P solar generator: 2000W, 2000Wh
o Three PV200: 200W foldable monocrystalline solar panel

Ultraportable EB70S + PV200 Combo: $ 949 (Reg. $ 1148)
o An EB70S solar generator: 800W, 716Wh
o One PV200: 200W foldable monocrystalline solar panel

Ultraportable EB55 + PV200 Combo: $ 899 (Reg. $ 1048)
o An EB55 solar generator: 700W, 537Wh
o One PV200: 200W foldable monocrystalline solar panel

1640457986 334 Bluetti Christmas Sale will keep your house bright even after

Image Credit: Bluetti

And just when you thought you were lucky with these prices, Bluetti is adding a game of chance to make your purchases even more worthwhile. For every purchase over $ 1,000, you have a chance to spin the Wheel of Luck and win a variety of gifts ranging from a 6-foot Christmas tree, “small” power plants (EB55, AC50S, AC20 or AC10 ) or some other delicacies. The Wheel of Luck closes its doors on December 31st, so be sure to check it out before then. Go to The Bluetti website to see more of the company’s products, packages, and other promotions for this holiday time of year.

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