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As someone who regularly attends conventions like PAX, I know the importance of a good bag for your gaming gear. You need something that can comfortably hold your Nintendo Switch, controllers, and headphones while still leaving room for all your cables and plugs. I’ve tried various solutions over the years, but nothing has really hit that sweet spot. However, today Astro is putting another twist on the problem with the help of famous handbag brand Timbuk2.

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Timbuk2 is best known for its striped messenger bag, but the brand’s new collaboration with Astro jumps that style in favor of two different pieces, a backpack and a shoulder bag. Astro already offers the $ 100 Scout Backpack With plenty of pockets to store your gear, but the $ 200 BP35 is bigger – 35 liters of space compared to 32 on the previous model. It also has two laptop pockets and a full opening for easy removal of your stuff, which should certainly make your life easier in airport security. An internal pocket is specifically designed to carry Astro gaming gear, with a loop to hold your headphones, a padded sleeve for a MixAmp Pro and additional pockets for cables and controllers.

There are plenty of thoughtful little touches throughout, too, including mesh shoulder straps to keep you cool, Velcro to display your pins and patches, and a D-ring to hold your keys. And if you are one of those who are concerned about the environment, all Timbuk2 products are made from recycled materials and the company has an exchange program for your old bag so that you can dispose of it in an ecological way.

Get hooked with a Nintendo Switch, Pro controller, and games inside

Kris Naudus / Engadget

But what if you don’t need such a big bag? 35 liters is a lot of space, after all, and all you have is your Switch Lite and a pair of headphones. This collab has you covered on that account with their $ 80 CS03 Messenger Pack. You can wear it on your back, front, or around your hips because the fanny packs are in the back. But this is one made for your Nintendo Switch, with 14 game card slots and a tricot lining to protect your screen. There is also a pocket for your smartphone and a key ring to make it a useful replacement for your purse or small purse. And i mean little, since the CS03 has only three liters. It is more of a day trip than a convention package.

I didn’t spend a lot of time with the bags, but stay tuned here for a hands-on after trying them out on the streets of New York and Chicago. If you want to spin them yourself, both bags will go on sale later this month and you can pick them up at Star or Tumbuk2websites, as well as any of Timbuk2’s six flagship stores.

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