Apple Watch SE on Black Friday: All time low prices at $219

Vanessa Hand Orellana / CNET

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Perhaps the most anticipated Apple Black Friday deals from 2021 is the Apple Watch SE. Big news: It’s already priced at $ 219 at select retailers. Best Buy announced its Black Friday sale earlier this week and has already delivered the Apple Watch SE from just $ 219 Amazon has matched it about the price.

The Apple Watch SE usually starts at $ 279 (Current Apple Price), and the previous low we’ve seen was $ 229 on Black Friday last year. This is the best Black Friday Apple Watch deal we hope to see in 2021.

There are a few different color options available in the 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch SE sizes, but some of the configurations are already out of stock at Best Buy. The base price of $ 219 is for the smallest 40mm size; if you prefer the 44mm one, you can buy one for $ 249. With the Apple Watch SE, you get a larger screen, like the Series 5 and 6, without the always-on look. You still get most of the same great health-related features, activity tracking, and of course notifications right on your wrist.

While we know the Apple Watch Series 3 will drop to $ 109 at Walmart next week, the Apple Watch SE is a much better long-term buy. There are newer competing watches that run on iOS and Android, have modern features the Series 3 doesn’t have, like an always-on display, and are likely to get continued support for years to come. That last point is of considerable importance, as there is no guarantee that Series 3 will see the inevitable next version of WatchOS (probably WatchOS 9) after having already received four years of support. So be sure to buy an Apple Watch SE now before they sell out.

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