Apple Fitness+ to Launch These New Services on January 10

Apple Fitness + will receive Collections and Time to Run services next week. The former is a “selected series of workouts and meditation from the Fitness + library,” while the latter is an “audio running experience” that is designed to enhance users’ running. The new services will be tied to Apple Watch. Next week, Apple Fitness + will also present the third season of Time to Walk along with a new Artist Spotlight featuring music from well-known artists.

through a Blog post, Apple announced a couple of new services for Apple Fitness + to be rolled out on January 10. As mentioned above, the new services include Collections and Time to Run. The first lists a series of exercises and meditations that help users achieve their fitness goals. At launch, six collections will be available: 30-day Core Challenge, Improve your posture with Pilates, Perfect your yoga balance postures, Run your first 5 km, Strengthen your back, Stretch your hips and Relax for a better bedtime. .

Time to Run is marketed as an “audio running experience designed to help users become better and more consistent runners.” Every episode of Time to Run has workout tips from Emily Fayette, Jamie-Ray Hartshorne, Sam Sanchez, Scott Carvin, and Cory Wharton-Malcolm. Each episode of Time to Run on Apple Fitness + features motivating and energizing playlists handpicked by trainers. It will be released with three episodes and a new episode will be released on Monday of each week.

Apple will also launch Season 3 of Time to Walk, a podcast of sorts in which celebrities, musicians, health experts and activists share their motivational stories with Fitness + subscribers. Each week, new guests will appear in the episode and the first episode of the third season will feature Rebel Wilson. Other notable guests include Hasan Minhaj, Bernice King, Chris Meloni, and more.

Finally, Artist Spotlight will present new workouts with music from Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Shakira and The Beatles. Each playlist will be dedicated to a single artist and the next four Mondays, Apple will launch new workouts with music from these artists. Types of training include cycling, dance, HIIT, strength, treadmill, and yoga. Music genres include Chill Vibes, Everything Rock, Hip-Hop / R & B, Latin Grooves, and Upbeat Anthems. Subscribers to Apple Music and Apple One will also get access to the new Artist Spotlights.

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