App Store Connect now shows analytics for in-app events

Developers can now access analytics for in-app events through App Store Connect.

In-app events, such as game competitions, movie premieres, and live-streamed experiences, can be great ways to drive user engagement. Events can also be featured on the App Store to help win new users:

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(Credit: Apple)

Measuring the effectiveness of an event in the app has been more difficult than it should be. Apple wants to fix that.

This week, Apple announced that developers can access key event information within the app through App Analytics on App Store Connect.

“You can now view information about your events in the app, including event page visits, reminder and notification data, and the number of downloads and downloads that were driven by your in-app events,” Apple explained.

“Each metric can be viewed by territory, source type, device, and more, so you can understand how your events in the application are influencing the growth and success of your applications.”

The in-app events were officially launched in October 2021 and many developers have taken advantage of it to drive user engagement in their apps and games. The new analysis feature for in-app events will help developers determine if they were worth running.

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