An ultimate guide to Visual Studio 2022


Microsoft developed Visual Studio as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It is an all-in-one software that proves to be a boon for any developer. It has an easy-to-use interface with various functionalities like code editor, debugger, compiler, and much more. You can use Visual Studio for multiple development solutions such as computer programs, web applications, websites, and mobile applications.

Visual Studio 97 was the first version of Visual Studio. The latest version released is Microsoft Visual Studio 2022. It is compatible with all programming languages ​​such as C, C ++, javascript, HTML, Python, etc. It has been redesigned to be a 64-bit version that helps with performance and leads to fewer memory issues.

Speaking of the Visual Studio 2022 release date, the Visual Studio 2022 launch event happened on November 8, 2021, virtually on your Youtube channel. The Microsoft team gave a demo and gave a short summary of what’s new in this release.

Visual Studio 2022 system requirements

You will need a 64-bit or 1.8 GHz operating system to run Visual Studio 2022. It is not supported on 32-bit systems.

The recommended RAM for VS 2022 is 16GB. However, your system must have at least 4GB of RAM to install the program.

You will get the best resolution at 1920 by 1080. However, for this, your video card should operate at a minimum resolution of 1366 by 768.

Generally, it occupies 850 MB to 210 GB of space depending on the installed features. For efficient performance, install it on an SSD.

The minimum requirements for Windows 365 are 2 virtual CPUs and 8 GB of RAM. But, for higher performance, you should go for 4vCPUs and 16GB of RAM.

New features in Visual Studio 2022:

Inclusion of .NET 6:

Visual Studio 2022 is like a gift to developers due to its updated features and specifications. In Visual Studio 2017, Microsoft introduced .NET Core, essentially a simplified version of the .NET Framework that developers could use to build cross-platform applications for Windows and macOS. Visual Studio 2022 has also added support for .NET, allowing developers to build and run .NET applications on macOS.

“Getting .NET 6 support in Visual Studio 2022 is a huge milestone for us,” said Paul Thurrott, a software gadget and senior editor for Windows SuperSite. “It means that developers can build .NET applications on macOS without having to learn a new environment.”

Specflow for Visual Studio 2022:

SpecFlow is a simple tool that bridges the communication gap between developers and domain experts by linking specifications and business-readable behavioral examples to the underlying implementation.

SpecFlow provides a no-code visual approach to orchestrate Behavior Driven Development (BDD) within Visual Studio by implementing the Behavior specification by example.

Extension Manager:

Visual Studio 2022 is the latest update to the Visual Studio IDE and comes with some new tools, including a new extension system called Extension Manager. Microsoft introduced the Extension Manager in Visual Studio 2017 Service Pack 1. The extension system allows developers to install third-party extensions in Visual Studio (such as tools for debugging, using Git, or refactoring code) and extensions that Microsoft makes.


Now this is a very impressive update to the Visual Studio suite. There is a lot of AI in Visual Studio 2022. IntelliCode is an AI that helps the developer write the correct line of code, completes incomplete code, and suggests alternative syntax.

Hot recharge:

In Visual Studio 2022, Hot reload is a new built-in feature that allows you to quickly make changes and reload the editor without pausing your application. If a developer writes code and then wants to see the difference in its output, he does not need to pause or close the application; works in parallel. So the developer can see the changes without even debugging.

As mentioned above, 64-bit saves memory because garbage collection has been greatly reduced in 64-bit compared to 32-bit. Visual Studio 2022 offers tips while coding, making it easier for developers and saving time instead of trying different code. It’s not about how fast you write the lines of code, but rather gives you the indication of the correct line of code to write.

The DevOps team used an Azure monitor to capture a trace during the CPU spike. The active path shows which line of code is putting the most load on the CPU. At the same time, the Flame graph view demonstrates the same, but graphically.

Visual Studio 2022 is also a great space for developing applications on Linux. Generally, it is compatible with all types of operating systems. Another impressive feature of Visual Studio is that it can also display the output in different interfaces of different operating systems. For example, if an application is developed on Windows and the developer wants to see what it will look like when opened on Mac, they can view it in Visual Studio.

About the workspace:

Speaking of the workspace, Visual Studio is very interactive and easy to use. In addition, it has a faster construction process. Testing has become easier in this version of Visual Studio and there is no need to rebuild.

How to download and install Visual Studio 2022?

Downloading Visual Studio 2022 is as easy as downloading any other file from the Internet. You just have to follow the steps that appear on your screen.

one: Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 website and click ‘Download Visual Studio’

two: Double-click the downloaded .exe file.

3: Click ‘Continue’ in the Visual Studio installer window.

4: When you click ‘Continue’, you will see a Download and Installation window to check the progress.

5: Once the download and installation process is complete, you will find the Workloads window. Here, you can select ASP. NET and web development, Python development, Azure development, or any other preference to suit your needs.

6: If necessary, add or remove individual components or optional packages.

7: Once you select your package, click on the ‘Install’ button.

8: You will find Visual Studio 2022 launched on your screen.

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