Amazon slammed with $887 million fine by EU privacy regulators | AppleInsider

The Luxembourg privacy regulator found that Amazon violates laws related to privacy and advertising and issued a record fine of $ 887 million.

The specific reasons for the fine were not disclosed, however Amazon says the decision was made without merit and would appeal in court. The CNPD, Luxembourg’s privacy regulator, ordered Amazon to review its business practices and pay the fine.

Cross-border privacy cases require other EU privacy regulators to assess the fine and adjust it accordingly. At least one complaint has already been issued suggesting that the fine is not high enough.

Amazon responded to the fine, claiming it was disproportionate to the law. “The decision regarding how we show customers relevant advertising is based on subjective and unproven interpretations of European privacy law, and the proposed fine is totally disproportionate even with that interpretation,” the company said in a statement.

The fine comes after the EU announced new legislation in December that would incur even higher fees if tech companies were unable to comply with antitrust and privacy regulations. Apple’s advertising segment may be next on the cutting board, as French regulators have already started an investigation into the business.

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