Amazon Cyber Monday: The deals have already started. These are the best ones

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Spoiler alert: they have different names, but Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are really a one-day deal with different brands. And Amazon has already switched to Cyber ​​Monday, even if most of the actual deals are still the ones we’ve been seeing for the past few days, including Fire TV Sticks, Echo Speakers and Displays, Kindle Readers, Fire Tablets, Ring Doorbells, and more, including headphones from Sony, Apple, and Bose, televisions, laptops, and everything else under the sun.

Amazon has been matching some of the hottest Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals from other retailers, though some prices are changing. The $ 159 AirPods Pro, for example, went up to $ 170, but since they’re out of stock at Walmart, that’s the best deal online today. However, inventory already appears to be a problem and we cannot say how much stock is left. If you see an offer you want, get it.

Amazon Cyber ​​Monday deals at a glance

Although Amazon has been offering discounts for some time, we saw a significant increase in the number of Black Friday deals available yesterday. This page was last updated Saturday, November 27 with new offers and prices.

Amazon Cyber ​​Monday deals for PC

Amazon’s Cyber ​​Monday PC deals include a wide variety of Chromebook models, select tablets, and a host of PC accessories like storage, keyboards, headphones, and more.

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Lenovo’s Chromebook Flex 3 features an 11.6-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and up to 10 hours of battery life per charge. While not designed for intense gaming or video editing, Chromebooks are great for web browsing, social use, document creation, and more. This Chromebook seems to be receiving updates via June 2028.

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Amazon Cyber ​​Monday Echo and Fire device deals

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This is the last Echo Show 5 that was released a few months ago. It offers improved cameras for video calling and still has a physical camera shutter to protect your privacy. You can add a flashing camera for $ 5 more if you bundle them too.


The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is new this year and sits just above the Fire TV Stick 4K in Amazon’s lineup. It costs $ 10 more than the regular Fire TV Stick 4K, but for the extra $ 10 you get 40% more power (which means faster app loads and better overall browsing), as well as Wi-Fi 6 support for faster transmission.


This bundle is on sale for the same price as the Ring doorbell alone, so you essentially get the Echo Dot for free. The Ring doorbell can send notifications about who’s coming and going directly to your phone, and with the Echo Dot you can even chat directly with visitors.

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Amazon Cyber ​​Monday TV deals

If you need a new TV for a room in your home or are looking to improve your streaming or audio experience, these Amazon Black Friday TV deals are what you’ll want to see. There are plenty of TVs on sale, from entry-level 1080p TVs to top-of-the-line 4K OLED TVs, so don’t miss out right now.


This year, Amazon began making its own televisions that ran the Fire TV operating system alongside the Insignia and Toshiba models that do the same. The Omni Series offers hands-free TV with Alexa and Dolby Vision, where the Series 4 has a few fewer features, but is a bit cheaper. There are several sizes available for each model.

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This is the best deal on streaming devices we’ve found. The Roku Streaming Stick 4K is currently on sale for less than the Roku Express 4K Plus, our overall favorite streaming device. The two are basically identical, so we recommend buying the one that costs less.

The 4K Streaming Stick offers support for Dolby Vision HDR, while the Express 4K Plus does not. The other main difference between the two is the Streaming Stick 4K’s narrow rectangular design, which connects directly to an HDMI slot on the back of the TV. Both transmitters offer voice remote control, 4K HDR streaming, and Roku’s great interface, which we like better than Fire TV or Google TV.

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Amazon Cyber ​​Monday cooking deals

Deep fryers, cookware, blenders, coffee machines, and more are included in Amazon’s Cyber ​​Monday cooking deals. Whether you want a new Hydro Flask to store your water or a Nespresso to make a great cup of coffee in the morning, these are the discounts you’ve been waiting for.


Making a delicious cup of coffee at home just got so much more affordable with these great Nespresso deals. You can make coffee, iced coffee, espresso, and much more at the touch of a button. The roast is constant at all times and the Nespresso does all the work for you, there are no settings to change or anything depending on the capsule you use.

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Amazon Cyber ​​Monday Headphone Deals

If you’re looking for a new pair of headphones, Amazon’s Cyber ​​Monday deals have you covered. The online retailer offers wireless, wired, on-ear, on-ear and more, all at incredible prices right now. There are a ton of brands for sale, as well as different styles and colors, so be sure to check out all of them now.

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Apple’s second-generation AirPods are already on sale on Amazon. During the current promotion, you’ll save $ 20 off the list price on Amazon at checkout, bringing the total down to $ 100 for the earbuds and charging case.

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David Carnoy / CNET

With the arrival of the new Beats Fit Pro headphones, I assumed we’d see some nice discounts on the older, less feature-rich Beats Studio Buds, which cost $ 150, or just $ 50 less than the new $ 200 Beats Fit Pro. I predicted that we could see its price drop to $ 100 and, indeed, that is its price (and a new low).

The Beats Studio Buds look a lot like the stemless AirPods rumors that people were talking about but never materialized, like AirPods anyway. Aimed at iOS and Android users, they are missing a few key features on the Apple side (no H1 or W1 chip), but they are small, lightweight headphones that are comfortable to wear and offer good sound. They fit most ears securely, including mine (I run with them without a problem), but others may find a better fit with the Beats Fit Pro and its integrated wingtips.

Note that the use of code BYZPPJADUODB During checkout, you will get a $ 10 Amazon credit in addition to the initial discount.

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When do the Amazon Cyber ​​Monday deals end?

Amazon’s Cyber ​​Monday deals are primarily an extension of the company’s Black Friday deals, which have been active for almost a week or more. Amazon continues to push new daily deals at Midnight Pacific Time, so be sure to keep checking back for what’s new and to make sure you’re not missing out on any great deals. But don’t delay: while some Amazon Cyber ​​Monday deals may stay in effect for a few hours, or even days, most of the best prices will end at the end of the day in November 29th.

Will Amazon have the PS5 or Xbox Series X for Cyber ​​Monday?

Honestly, it is unknown at this time. Amazon could host another replenishment event at any time during the weekend. As it stands now, we anticipate that Walmart will have some online availability on Cyber ​​Monday, but nothing else has been confirmed or rumored at this time.

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