AirPods 3: More polished set of wireless earbuds

Apple released the third generation of its wireless headphones AirPods at its October hardware event. The new shoots bring many subtle changes that make the experience of using them more intuitive. It has long been clear that AirPods are one of the easiest wireless earbuds to use with an iPhone. The new AirPods take the experience a little further with the convenience of MagSafe wireless charging support, a smaller compact casing, and smaller earbuds overall.

The AirPods 3 design has been borrowed from the more expensive AirPods Pro that have shorter stems. The new buds look almost identical to the AirPods Pro but lack the silicone tips. The new AirPods are a direct successor to the regular AirPods (Gen 2), which are more popular due to their lower price. The AirPods Pro are actually no less popular, they sell extremely well, but their higher price tag serves slightly fewer people.

Comfort remains the main selling point

The convenience of using AirPods with Apple devices with ease remains the main feature of the wireless buttons. The feature of opening the case and connecting to the closest Apple device based on proximity remains the most useful feature on the new AirPods as well. While the newer earbuds are more compact, in addition to the case being smaller, the case is thicker to accommodate MagSafe technology components to support the company’s wireless charging standard.

The new AirPods fit more people better. Apple has said that it has done extensive research to understand the different ear shapes and make fitting the new AirPods more comfortable. Not everyone agrees though, but the fit is definitely better for most people compared to the original AirPods (1st and 2nd gen).

The new AirPods (Gen 3) start at $ 179 (USD).

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