A future iPhone might drop the SIM card completely

If you don’t like how your iPhone’s SIM tray cutout spoils the pristine bumper, you’re in luck. Apple is apparently testing an eSIM-only iPhone, eliminating the need for an eject tray.

That is according to @dylandkt, who has been right about several firsts in the past. His tweet supports claims made earlier this week by a slightly incomplete Brazilian gossip site, Blog make iPhone. That site doesn’t have a track record of correctly spotting upcoming iPhone features, but perhaps this is the beginning of a new era.

The Brazilian blog mentions that a British company is helping to make this eSIM-only iPhone possible. They weren’t named, so we don’t know if they are a hardware or software company, or even a mobile operator that is well versed in eSIM technology.

We’re pretty sure the eSIM-only iPhone won’t arrive next year. Most likely, Apple is testing the waters of what it could do in a future iPhone. Current rumors believe it will happen quite soon, possibly on the iPhone 15 in 2022.

The blog also mentions that it believes that the iPhone 2023 will also come without the Lightning connector; and that it will be completely wireless.

Apple will have to fix its abysmally slow wireless charging speeds if so … However, that would enable the glass iPhone that Apple recently patented.

For what’s happening to the iPhone even earlier, expect the notch to go away this year, at least for the Pro models.

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