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Here is a list of the 8 best debugging software that can help you find and fix common PC errors, glitches, or defects.

Bugs or errors in a software code can abruptly crash the program. Therefore, to prevent unexpected crashes or malfunction of a software or system, debugging is used. Debugging is a process of identifying and resolving bugs, defects, or flaws in software code. It helps you manage and explore in depth the overall operating settings of your system or the third-party software installed on your PC. When numerous modules or subsystems are tightly correlated, debugging becomes more difficult as any alteration to one subsystem or module can lead to more bugs. Here come debuggers or debugging software to help you.

Using the best debugging software, one can easily debug Windows applications (in user mode), the entire operating system (in Kernel mode), and drivers.

Fortunately, there are several debugging programs available for Windows PCs. Taking all the factors into account, this comprehensive guide helps you choose the best debugging tool for your Windows PC.

A List of 8 Best Debugging Tools for Windows 10, 8, 7 You Can Try in 2022

In this section, we have gathered the 8 best debugging tools for Windows 10, 8, 7 PC. Choose the best one for you!

1. Immunity Scrubber

Living up to its name, Immunity Debugger is a robust way to analyze malware and bounce-engineered binaries. It has a super easy user interface designed with direct heap analysis methodologies and tools. This debugger uses an excellent scripting language to automate the entire smart debugging process. Additionally, the debugger can reduce exploit development time by up to 50%. It is certainly one of the promising debugging tools for Windows PC that allows you to run a quick debug to stop corruption during complicated scan. The icing on the cake is that you can download it for free.


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2. System debugger

system debugger

Another best debugging software for Windows PC is Syser Debugger, a 100% free debugging tool. This debugger is a 32-bit X86 kernel level program. It has the potential to track all the instructions of the Windows operating system at any time. This debugging utility supports C/C++ source code debugging (PDF format) and color disassembly. In addition, Syser also works as a driver developer for Windows. It is capable enough to run multiple virtual engines like VMWare and more without any hindrance.


3. Zend Studio Debugger

Zend Studio Debugger

Next on our list of the best debugging tools in 2022, Zen Studio Debugger. It is a smart tool that helps you thoroughly analyze codes and offers numerous features that help developers to code smoothly. Its advanced editing saves enough time through its impressive code assistance. This debugger for Windows is packed with very advanced features that allow the deployment of PHP applications on any server. With this debugger, you can also enjoy utilities like GitFlow, Docker, and Eclipse plugins.


4. Visual Studio Debugger

Visual Studio debugger

It is another powerful software that provides a set of project design and debugging tools for your bugs to recognize and resolve related issues easily and quickly. This debugging utility is the best way to find bugs or errors in your software code with the help of its deep code analysis, unit tests, and various design output processes. Additionally, Visual Studio allows the developer to write code in multiple languages. Also, based on your personal preferences, you can modify the interface.



WinDbg, a complete free debugging tool for Windows PC. It is a multipurpose utility tool that is designed with all the necessary tools for debugging drivers, general operating system and user mode applications. WinDbg is developed and designed by Microsoft, which requires two interconnected PCs to work at full capacity. Using this debugging software, one can easily and quickly find and resolve any kind of glitch, defect or error.

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6. OllyDbg


It is a lightweight debugging tool that makes the entire process of debugging a software code much easier and faster by automating each function. Based on reverse engineering techniques, this software decrypts entire systems and applications installed by third parties on PCs. OllyDbg is a well-known software for DLL debugging, file scanning, software, cracking, code analysis, malware and virus analysis, and many more. It is completely free software that automatically indicates the contents of registers, recognizes procedures, tables, constants, API calls, traces library routines and object and string files.


7.IDA Pro


IDA Pro is a unique multi-processor debugging tool available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. This debugging program helps developers to detect and fix general errors or glitches in any program. It has the ability to debug a wide range of particular platforms incorporating iOS and Android. One of the best things about using the IDA Pro debugger is its ability to perform remote and local operations.


8. GNU Debugger

GNU debugger

Last but not least, GNU Debugger is a world-renowned utility tool that allows you to find out what exactly is happening inside programs at execution time. GNU Project Debugger provides useful tools to detect what happened inside the program that caused it to crash unexpectedly. The most exciting feature is that it is a portable debugging software that can be run smoothly on various Unix-like systems. Apart from this, it also works well with all major famous programming languages ​​including Free Pascal, Fortran, Go C, C++ and many more. It is without a doubt the best portable debugging tool that you can consider.


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What is the best debugging tool for Windows PC?

So, these were some of the best debugging software available for Windows PC. The aforementioned tools make your local and remote debugging experience absolutely hassle-free.

In our opinion, you should try… for a much better debugging experience. Do you have any better suggestions or an alternative? Then let us know via the comments section below.

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