7 rock-solid PC gaming deals in the Steam Autumn Sale

Steam’s fall sale is back, offering a ton of PC game deals for Thanksgiving weekend. The fall sales are a flash in the pan compared to the summer and winter sales, which last just one week instead of two. While the fall sale may not last that long, you still have plenty of great PC game deals to take advantage of, and we’ll be looking at some of the best we’ve seen here.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Since then Mass Effect Legendary Edition launched in May, we assume there have been many expecting a significant discount. With the fall sales, those patient players now have a chance to strike. Mass Effect Legendary Edition It is 42% off the sale, reducing its price from $ 60 to $ 34.79. Given that Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster packs of all three titles in the original Massive effect Trilogy in a compilation, there’s a lot of value here, and most RPG / sci-fi fans should consider buying it at this price.

Tetris effect: Connected

Most of us have played Tetris before, but if you haven’t played Tetris effect however, possibly the best version of the classic puzzle game has been lost. With beautiful visuals, great music, and gameplay that can go from cold to intense in an instant, Tetris effect It is a wonderful experience. This release, Tetris effect: Connected adds cooperative and competitive multiplayer, further enhancing the original game. At its asking price of $ 26.79 (33% off), it’s a no-brainer for anyone vaguely interested in Tetris.

Element TD 2

From time to time, I will recommend tower defense games on these lists because I love tower defense as a genre. It’s a genre that never goes out of style for me, and I find that many tower defense games are infinitely playable. This time, the tower defense game in question is Element TD 2, a full-blown sequel to the tower defense game that started out as a custom map for Warcraft iii.

Element TD 2 It’s not getting a huge discount on Steam’s fall sale as it’s on sale for $ 12.49 (15% off), but even at full price, it still feels like a steal thanks to its campaign and multiplayer modes. If you have a few friends interested in tower defense, this is an easy buy, as those late-night co-op sessions are so much fun.

Aether rivals

After years of seeing it as a side event in several Super Smash Bros. tournaments, I finally pulled the trigger and picked up Aether rivals Not long ago. While I have only scratched the surface of this game so far, I can already say that the game is a stellar alternative to Super Smash Bros. for those who play on PC. At 50% off, bringing its price down to $ 14.99, it’s a good buy for anyone in the mood for a platformer.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

While many PC gamers may be busy with free play Infinite halo For now, this is a good time to remind people that Halo: The Master Chief Collection it is also on PC. It’s a particularly good time because the entire build, which includes ports from the original aura trilogy, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Reach, and Halo 4, is on sale for $ 19.99 (50% off). Even if Infinite halo it’s your new multiplayer grip, being able to play through all the classics aura campaigns are worth the $ 20 you will spend on The Master Chief Collection.


Even next door Massive effect, Tetris effect, and aura, Valheim It might just be the most popular game on this list (at least judging from the sheer amount of Steam reviews this game has managed to rack up). It is likely that many wanted to play Valheim You’ve already taken the plunge, but if you haven’t already, your patience will save you a few bucks. Valheim It was already a safe buy at $ 20, but at $ 15.99 (20% off) during the fall sale, it’s worth buying for anyone who likes open-world survival games.

Loop hero

Loop hero is one of the best indie games to come out this year, and even those who are tired of roguelikes should check it out if they haven’t already. Tasked with rebuilding a world thrown into an eternally dark and timeless loop, players will find the core concept of Loot hero easy to understand, and then they will discover that the game has a lot of complexity. At $ 8.99 (40% off) during the fall sale, it’s priced within impulse territory and should be on every roguelike fan’s radar.


While Steam’s fall sale may be shorter than the winter and summer sale, there is definitely no shortage of deals. These discounts will be available for the entire duration of the fall sale, which runs until Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 10 a.m. M. PST / 1 p. M. EST.

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